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The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau download movie.

Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Horror thriller fiction

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Dzhordzh Nolfi

Actors: Mett Deymon, Emily Blunt, Maykl Kelli, Entoni Maki, Dzhon Sletteri, Lisa Thorson, Florence Kastriner, Filis Makbrid Natalie Carter, Terence Stamp

Budget: $ 51 million

Year: March 3, 2011

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The Adjustment Bureau download movie. New York Congressman David Norris (Mett Deymon) seriously count on a place in the Senate - but loses the election. Familiarity with a ballerina (Emily Blunt) smoothes out the bitterness of defeat. Impression of the girl is so strong that the "waste" to the electorate turns instant national fame. There would Norris plans for the next election campaign to do so from the ballerina's future first lady, but it interferes with people endowed with supernatural powers of certain Adjustment Bureau. But their plans do not include a happy ending….

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User's Review:

Sci-fi thriller with elements of melodrama. Released March 3, 2011. It was interesting to learn that the basis for this film has laid down a work of Filipa Dika "corrections Team" that immediately arouses interest because of the works of Filipa Dika shot such films as "Total Recall," "Screamers", "Alien", "Minority Report" "Paycheck" - movies that leave an imprint in the memory. Therefore I began to look with interest. By the way, a bit out of topic, but I have always wondered on what basis are given Russian names of foreign films. For example, the original title of the film - «The Adjustment Bureau» - «The Adjustment Bureau," which coincides with the title of the work Filipa Dika. But, obviously, the translators felt that the name of the creators of the boring to the public, requiring action and changed the original title in the pathos "The Adjustment Bureau." Basically, it reflects the essence of the film, but the feasibility of changing the original is highly questionable. What, in fact, the movie? About the confrontation Adjustment Team and a pair of lovers in the struggle for their feelings, quite the changing reality. The youngest congressman in history, David Norris (Mett Deymon) is fighting for the Senate seat from the "magnificent New York City." Everything is wonderful, but in the midst of the race suddenly pops up most unpleasant dirt, which in the eyes of American voters bred instantly transforms from David respectable politician in expressive fighter. It breaks into dust all the dreams of the place of Senator David, all plans fall, Norris does not know what to do next. And then there is a meeting with a stunning girl. And where could it happen? In the men's room, where David is hiding from everyone, trying to gather his thoughts. There she was, because hiding from guards who caught it for the failure of someone's wedding. For a successful politician, whose whole life is subordinated to strict adherence within the rules, but that at heart is a rebel, this meeting - a breath of fresh air. He was stunned, elated, and under the influence of sudden inspiration speaks to voters impassioned speech, different honesty and sincerity. It becomes clear that David will continue to fight and definitely win. A fleeting encounter with a girl leaves a trace in the soul, but it is clear in principle, it's just a single meeting. And then, going to the next day on the bus, he sees her again. They meet, a girl named Elise (Emily Blunt). And I must say, it behaves very much outside the box. For example, I do not understand why the man grabs the unfamiliar phone number and answer a call? Why throw a completely new phone in a glass of coffee (phone, by the way, it does not hurt. Blackberry taxis) Why goodbye, after the words of the hero, that he thought about it often, cute smile and suddenly show middle finger? (Oh, the Americans, well, where do without it, then?) However, all these eccentricities completely captivate the main character, he was all excited goes to work and does not even notice that there was something wrong. And then, all employees were frozen as a statue, and in the office of his best friend some people it something of a treat. David takes off running, trying to catch him, and it is here that by Richardson (Dzhon Sletteri), he learns the truth. It turns out there is life plan all people, compiled by the Supreme, there are also people (black jackets, hats on their heads), who see to it that everything written in the plan was executed. If something goes wrong, then these people adjust people's minds a succession of supposedly "random" events, lost keys, broken phone. These people almost never seen again, except David, who had to be detained spilled coffee, but because of the desk staff error correction has come to work on time, that is, as time is not on time. As it turned out, the people in your life can only choose "color toothpaste brand of wine," and more important decisions have already been taken for them by the Supreme. And so it was throughout the history of mankind, thus our world, though far from perfect, but alive. When people are trying to give freedom, it is turning into World War II and after the Cuban missile crisis, when mankind was almost killed, unintelligent people decide to freedom does not give more. Under penalty of complete erasure of memory and intelligence, David is forbidden to tell anyone about uvidennom.I casually reported that Elisa no match for him, their lives should not be crossed, and he did not have to see more. Richardson takes away a piece of paper with the phone David and Elise, because in addition to the name he does not know anything about it, then find it in the big city is almost impossible. But David is not so easy to stop, the more that fate again arranges for him to meet with Eliza. This time, he decided not to retreat during that whatever the cost, and not let someone else decide for him. The rest of the film, he overcomes all conceivable and not very obstacles to his goal - to be a favorite. David comes into the fight with Adjustment Team, which apparently in the past century, some a bit tired and lose vigilance - agents declassified as they can, occasionally losing hats, their books to the Plan, are worn in groups through different doors, behind which dead ends, plunging others into shock - in short behave like elephants in a china shop. They do not declassified until then - unknown. In general, the team High went not so hot - all their activities are presented as stupid mistakes series and shortcomings - one went to sleep and did not stop David in an episode of coffee - and that no means of communication between agents is not - it was difficult to call and say - I missed it , let someone else stop him - because they have the possibility hoo what; because of poorly erased David previous program constantly faced again with Eliza, that is the agents themselves once planned these meetings are now clumsily and cope with the consequences. At this point, David can quite understand - 3 times "accidentally" push it to the girl, and then to say - no, it's not yours, forget it - that simple? Telephone lines are disconnected quarters, automobile accidents occur, to prevent the heroes meet (and how the fate of others? That is, it turns out that there are people important. But there are "expendable"?) In the end, everything is permitted on Liberty Island (as symbolic American housewives weep). Heroes are caught are prepared for "reprogramming", but they remain faithful to their decision to be together and then they are told that the Supreme rewrote the plan for them and they can be together as passed with flying colors all the tests. The film ends with the conclusion that maybe it is the Supreme Plan - that sometimes not everything went according to plan and have been people that were able to change what has already been predetermined. In general, the impression the film leaves a good, acting is at a level that look nice. Will appeal to those who love films "with the meaning of" thought-provoking about the world. Recommend to all, not one hundred percent a masterpiece, but a couple of times you can see, the movie quality.

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