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The Accidental Husband

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Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA, Ireland

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Griffin Dunne

Actors: Uma Thurman, Dzheffri Din Morgan, Justina Machado, Kolin Fort, Sam Shepard, Lindsay Sloane, Nik Sendou, Keir Dullea, Himad Beg


Year: September 11, 2008

Download The Accidental Husband

Free download The Accidental Husband movie. Emma - a successful psychologist, gives good advice on the radio and published books on the subject of recommendations to women, how to find a decent man. All unworthy in her opinion, she advises to immediately throw without spending their time re. The very same Emma is going to marry an ideal in all respects a successful publisher. But suddenly it turns out that she is already married. And precisely because of this man, which according to its own advice, she avoided in life.

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Our Review:

A girl who knows all about how to find the perfect man, stepping on a slippery slope. Emma Lloyd (Thurman) is working on a New York radio someone between a doctor and Oksana Kurpatova Robski. Life is obviously a success: the show is a success, svezhevypuschennoy book also seems to be the best-seller list, and the gossip column in the "Times" reported on the upcoming wedding of Emma with a publisher (Kolin Fert). But the adjusted Dolce Vita goes to hell with the appearance of Irish firefighter with a bull neck (Dzheffri Din Morgan) - he hacks into the database of the local registry office, builds himself the fool, the gentleman and, ultimately, breaks radiodevushke heart. "The Accidental Husband" begins practically Grigory Oster - with bad advice. They distribute all: professional sovetchitsa Emma, ​​which offers a call on the radio smuglyanochke immediately throw the groom, pay more attention to football than her. Friends thrown boyfriend (the one Irish firefighter, among others), who insist on revenge presumptuous baby monitor. But the bad advice in this story - Umoy Turman received from his agent (well, there has to have someone she did recommend a movie?). As bad as it is, I can not imagine ever looked. It pours rain (imagine the consequences for hairstyles?), Is on the bureaucratic chain of command and a bed in one of the scenes depicts authentically poor bruising hangover. Romka harmless? No, rather daring experiment.

User's Review:

"The Accidental Husband" - it may not be particularly original plot, but charming romantic comedy in 2008 by a remarkable actor and no less wonderful director Dan Griffin ( "Practical Magic," "Fierce People"). It is absolutely friendly story of opposites who randomly one day and were attracted similar stories since the“ Beauty »Garry Marshall we have already seen enough enough, but there is in this movie some of its charm and its power. Perhaps this is due to the atmosphere of New York, pulsating, crazy and very romantic, perhaps, with the simplicity and clarity of the story, the hero of which is to be able to each and maybe the whole thing in the charm and charisma of great actors involved here. Adored me Uma Thurman ( "My best lover," "Moments of Life") - a great actress and a spectacular woman wonderful merged with the image of a hateful spoiled and canny specialist in amorous affairs Emma Lloyd, leading his own radio show and writing silly books about gender relations who still enjoys wide popularity among the single ladies. Kolin Fort ( "The King's Speech," "Bridzhet Dzhons Diary") in the role of Richard Bratton, her fiance, performing here again in a familiar image of the majestic and haughty gentleman still somewhat surprised and very pleased, adding to his game of humor and easy tomfoolery that he is crazy, for me personally, this actor was always eerily monotonous, but after this film I went to him his attitude radically changed. But the biggest discovery for me here was the actor Dzheffri Din Morgan ( "Trap," "Watchmen"), I spotted much earlier in the film ", P.S. I love you". He is incredibly good in the role of accidental husband Patrick Sullivan, a simple shirt-Man, the romantic fireman, sincere and open person with a big heart and an infectious smile, he clings to some kind of charisma and with this kind of just want to deryabnut beer at the bar and talk for life and a duet with Umoy Turman it just perfect. Nice complement the overall picture and Sam Shepard ( "The Brothers," "Days of Heaven") in the role of the main character's father, and Isabella Rossellini ( "Blue Velvet," "Immortal Beloved"). And I loved it in this movie Indian storyline and very funny Adzhay Naydu as Deepa rodstvennichki protagonist Patrick finished romance and noisy advocate of love. "The Accidental Husband" - perfect for an evening movie viewing in the company of a loved one, where there is something to laugh about and dream.

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