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teen Witch

Download movie Teen Witch for free.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Horror Fantasy Comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Dorian Walker

Actors: Robin Layvli, Den Gote, Joshua Dzhon Miller, Karen Kaye, Dik Sardzhent, Lisa Fuller, Amanda Ingber, Zelda Rubinstein, Noy Bleyk, Tina Caspary


Year: April 28, 1989 (World)

Download Teen Witch

Free download Teen Witch movie. Luisa Miller (Robin Layvli) - a shy young girl. Because of this, its quality it did not become popular in school and is now forced to suffer. But life once it presents an interesting surprise: the heroine of the film "Little Witch" learns that she - as much a descendant of the famous Salem witch! And that, accordingly, it has a unique supernatural powers. Delighted, Louise immediately begins to put them into practice: the first thing she did was fall in love with a high school football team captain. The truth is soon enough to wonder whether all right, she does ...

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User's Review:

For me, a passionate lover of the national cinema, this cartoon is the only exception. I mean that comparing it to national eponymous animated version of 1991, the Czech-German cartoon wins on all counts. The only true course director Zdenek Smetana there is no doubt that the character he portrayed not small Baba Yaga (as intended by the book Otfried Proslera), but very and very nice little girl. And this is the right move, slelat contrary to the book, aptly hit the winning point. Looking at this cutie drawn even remember the words that even now sometimes heard: "To what good was our Olympic Bear." (How many tears-that was when he flew off !!!). Yes, yes, you can associate this little character is drawn with the Olympic Mishka. As I stated above, as a fan of the national cinema, in other cases of similar performances, I will certainly give preference only to domestic works. In particular, the domestic cartoon "The Nutcracker" are much dearer foreign, and this despite the fact that in foreign, obviously, was invested a lot more money. Here a long list of such comparisons… It is a pity that the Czech-German cartoon impossible to get it in a Russian voice acting, and he was dubbed in theaters and on TV once. (In the Internet-where he is, but only in German).

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