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Swing Time

Download movie Swing Time for free.

Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: Horror Comedy Musical

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.7

Director: Dzhordzh Stivens

Actors: Fred Aster, Dzhindzher Rodzhers, Viktor Mur, Helen Broderick and Eric Blore, Betty Furness, Zhorzh Metaksa, Harry Bernard Harry Bowen, Bill Brand

Budget: $ 886,000

Year: August 27, 1936 (World)

Download Swing Time

Free download Swing Time movie. Player and dancer John Garnett (Fred Aster), nicknamed Lucky - fiance Margaret Watson (Betty Furness). He was late for his own wedding, and then disgraced father of the bride gives him strict conditions. Now Garnett, if you still want to marry Margaret, must earn 25 thousand dollars - to prove that it will be sufficiently responsible spouse, able to support a family. Lucky gets down to business, but suddenly meets a beautiful dance teacher named Penny Carroll (Dzhindzher Rodzhers). It's clear now that he did not need these 25 thousand dollars… According to some critics, "Swing Time" - the best film of those that danced Fred Aster and Dzhindzher Rodzhers.

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