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Swept Away

Swept Away download movie.

Movie Length: 1:29

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: Italy, United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 3.6

Director: Guy Ritchie

Actors: Madonna, Adriano Giannini, Bryus Grinvud, Elizabeth Banks, Maykl Bitti, Dzhinn Tripplhorn, David Thornton, Yorgo Voyagis Ricardo Perna, Dzhordzh Yasumi

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: October 8, 2002 (World)

Download Swept Away

Download movie Swept Away for free. Bitchiness and rich Ember Leyton and simple Italian sailor Giuseppe. It would seem that may be more common in those people? As it turned out, everything. Traveling on a yacht, they are hardly transferred to each other, but after a shipwreck were alone on the island. Now they depend on each other - to hold out alone in the wild is very difficult for modern man. But perhaps it will benefit their relationship. "Gone" - a comedy Gaya Richi with his wife Madonna in the lead role. Comedy is a bit different from the usual movie Richie - "Gone" are not like "Snatch", a film entirely about love, but a sense of humor, and the director has not changed in this time.

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User's Review:

"Gone" - shattered in tatters by critics, but nevertheless curious adventure-romantic band in 2002, shot a cult and the most fashionable director of Britain Guy Ritchie ( "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," "Snatch") on based on an old Italian film in 1974 "Bumper unusual destiny in blue sea" Lina Ventmyuller ( "moonlight"), speaking here scriptwriter for a couple with Richie. Rich arrogant bitch named Amber riding a boat with her husband on a cruise from Greece to Italy. Amber is very capricious in everything and in every way constantly treats all around, especially the staff, in particular, has got is somehow a hot hand, Giuseppe sailor who gets the most. She reproaches him for literally everything from fish that he catches and ending his appearance, but Giuseppe, with all its hatred for Imbert and a strong desire to throw her overboard, do not enter it into direct conflict for fear of losing their jobs. Once woken up in the morning, Amber during the ship's crew landing in the caves is one with Giuseppe on board and orders him to immediately take her to all the shore. Despite all the warnings of the impending storm, Giuseppe, he has to obey and carry on the boat frivolous Amber to the caves, and the way they get just the very peak of the storm, it turned out later on a deserted island. Totally unadapted to life in the wild on the island of Amber becomes totally dependent on Giuseppe, who decides to finally come off well on the spoiled beauty and reeducate her, forcing her to serve him in exchange for mined them fish. But as always the case interferes with love. Almost all cinema experiments pop singer Madonna ( "Evita", "We are. We believe in love"), and the director's and actor's critics always perceived with hostility, sometimes deserved, but often completely unfounded, as is the case with this film, which does horrible, vulgar and talentless I personally did not see. It's sunny and beautiful movie of opposites which, through mutual hatred might know the love and Gay Richi, speaking in a rather unusual role, and removing, starring his then-wife coped with very well. Most of all I like the fact that the film is a real passion, a burning, explosive, emotional, and Madonna to duet with the little-known Italian actor Adriano Giannini ( "Stay with me", "Consequences of Love") played her on screen brilliantly and vividly. Extraordinary, talented and worthy of every attention melodrama with the most bare feelings, vices and animal nature of people.

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