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Surviving Christmas

Download Surviving Christmas full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:31

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.3

Director: Mayk Mitchel

Actors: Ben Affleck, Dzheyms Gandolfini, Kristina Epplgeyt, Catherine O'Hara, Dzhosh Tsukkerman, Bill Meysi, Jennifer Morrison, Udo Kier, David Selby, Stephanie Ferasi, Shon Markett


Year: October 22, 2004 (World)

Download Surviving Christmas

Download Surviving Christmas full movie for free. Dryu Letam (Ben Affleck) - a successful businessman. On Christmas Eve, he breaks up with his girlfriend and not to stay in this magical holiday alone, goes to the suburbs, to the house where he spent his childhood. Now live here strangers, Valko family. However, it is in no way embarrassing. Christmas - a family holiday, so Latham offers the new owners of the house to be his "family" of the rather impressive award - 250 thousand dollars. But it turns out that the little family Valko - just crazy. As a result, in order to save the holiday of their endless quarrels and clarify the relationship to the protagonist of the film "Surviving Christmas" will have to save their marriage.

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User's Review:

The film is good, kind, ideal for family viewing. Not to celebrate Christmas alone, Dryu Letam (Ben Affleck) is sent to the home of his childhood, where strangers live. Family Valko is on the verge of collapse and in need of money. Therefore, Drew offers them 250 thousand dollars to a few days, they pretended to his family and celebrated Christmas together. Drew wants to fully reconstruct the events that once took place for the holidays. This is a family dinner, riding the hills on sleds, throwing snowballs and a large Christmas tree in the living room. But the family Valko not used to it, so they do not get to pose as a family. Actors played very well. I especially want to mention Bena Affleka. Because playing comedians really hard. The scenario laid out poorly, and sometimes it seemed that the actors improvise. I believe that this film was deservedly nominated for the "Golden Raspberry" (worst case scenario)

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