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Free download Stardust movie.

Movie Length: 2:07

Genre: Horror comedy adventure family fantasy

Country: United States, Iceland, United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 7.7

Director: Mettyu Von

Actors: Charli Koks, Kler Deyns, Mishel Pfayffer, Robert De Niro, Mark Strong, Dzheyson Fleming, Rupert Everett, Keyt Magovan, Sienna Miller, Ian McKellen

Budget: $ 70 million

Year: August 9, 2007

download Stardust

Free Stardust movie torrent. World Tristan - very real, in which he - a loser, worked as an assistant in the shop, and unapproachable beauty, which he loves, does not pay attention to him. But far from the town where he lives, Tristan, there is an ancient wall, behind which begins the magic and magic. Tristan's father as a young man went to the wall and fell in love with a girl - a witch maid. After a night out together back home. After 9 months, she sent him in a basket newborn son Tristan. Father raised Tristan. Growing up, Tristan decided to go for a magical wall, to bring the fallen star girlfriend. The fallen star was girl in the wizarding world and Tristan realized that he had found his true love. "Stardust" is based on the novel by Nila Geymana.

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Our Review:

Tristan (Charli Koks) - the son of a mortal and fairy princess of the country that holds the evil witch in her maid, lives in a village called Zastene and wants to win the heart of the local beauty (Sienna Miller). In contrast to the more prudent suitor, he promises her dream - a diamond fist, the polar bear's head or, in extreme cases, a fallen star. Over the last he has to go to the Magic Kingdom, which is separated from the real world wall (hence the name of the village). At the same time, the fairy Stormholde dying king (Peter O'Toole). At the bedside of the exhaust in the other world gathered four of his sons. Three more are present here in the form of ghosts - with axes in their heads and faces with burnt acid. The throne is not easy - the kingdom will receive only one remaining in a bloody selection. Dad also complicates the situation - relieves neck pendant, ruby, zashvyrivaet it into the unknown distance and reports that the autocrat will be the one in whose hands the stone re-acquire scarlet. Unfortunate decoration and knocks star from the sky, that after hitting the ground is a girl (Kler Deyns). The star as a result of hunting, not only in love with the boy, but the contenders for the crown. Along the way, it turns out that the heart of a star can restore youthfulness. So how to get a girl, dream more and three witches. One of them (Mishel Pfayfer), having finished the previous heart of the celestial body, and having a beautiful image, and goes in search of. Fairy tale on the novel by Nila Geymana has turned truly magical and some nezamylennoy stamps. In this, first of all, of course, the merit of the author's words alone managed to create a rich visual imagery. The fact that the film does not look like anything else that is removed is now in the form of fantasy tales, is a huge plus and the director. They became Matthew Vaughn, aka that produced the first films Gaya Richi. He owes his film adaptation of originality and accessible narrative history. Perhaps tales Gaiman's not really designed for children. They have a murder scene, irony and humor, bordering on sarcasm. Blood Crown Princes is truly blue. Witch, spending the last beauty, losing hair and covered with senile pigment spots. There is also a terrific captain flying ship pirate (Robert De Niro), lightning hunted smuggling - a real dork in front of the crew, alone with himself rumyanyaschiysya, dressing up in lace and dancing the cancan. Vaughn managed not to overdo it with the special effects and make a real fairy-tale action. Each successive story waiting just looking. We can say - turned out exactly the fairy story, which no longer exist today.

User's Review:

Good, beautiful and witty family tale in the genre of fantasy issued in 2007, the year of a great English director Matthew Vaughn ( "Layer Cake," "Kick-Ass"), when it started together with the now iconic Guy Ritchie ( "Rock-n-rollschik" ) to producing such iconic bands as "Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch", and gradually revealed as no less than a first-class and independent director. This film is based on the novel by '98 Nila Geymana about a young and beautiful boy Tristan, son abducted once a witch-peddler princess, in love with a frivolous beautiful Victoria Forester, for which he had once promised to bring a fallen star and sent her to the magical land simultaneously trying to track down there and his mother. Finding a star, he was surprised to learn that she is also a beautiful girl, whose name Iveyn, and which hunted the three witches, led by the oldest Lamia who want to eat it to gain eternal youth. Tristan, of course, the star is called to help, and together they will experience an incredible adventure, visit the flying ship of pirates led by a fun and full of surprises Captain Shakespeare, learn more about their origin and purpose and to know the love itself. I confess frankly, is not a fan of the fantasy genre, and of all that I had a chance to see, from the grandiose, but more than once I have lulled the "Lord of the Rings" and to the boring and monotonous "Harry Potter", this film made a really me a strong and positive impression, whether from the fact that the British were shooting it, and their sarcastic humor and style is very close to me, whether I hooked a lot of different references as to the style of Shakespeare, and to the modern parts of our lives. This film is ideal for exactly family viewing, which will not be bored anyone, either children or parents, there is an original storyline and subtle jokes, there is magic and magic, there is a show and a positive message, and, of course, a dance magnificent and outstanding actors, among which the most memorable, of course, the beauty Kler Deyns ( "Romeo + Juliet," "Me and Orson Welles") as dazzling Iveyn, luxurious Mishel Pfayffer ( "One Fine day," "Dangerous minds") in an interesting manner malicious witch Lamia venerable P Obert De Niro ( "Raging Bull," Analyze This "), which otzheg in this film, perhaps the brightest (surprise will not disclose), Charli Koks (" The Merchant of Venice "), who played Tristan, the eternal villain Mark Strong (" Body lies "), Dzheyson Fleming (" The Red violin "), Rupert Everett (" Best friend "), Sienna Miller (" Interview "), Ben Barnes (" Killing Bono "), comedian Ricky Dzhervays (" The invention of lying "), Geoff Bell ( "Bully"), Dexter Fletcher ( "Bagsi Meloun") and classic Peter About’O'Toole ( "Lourens Araviysky"). With all my heart, and strongly recommend to view this unusual and filling your house with heat, laughter, light and joy of the film.

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