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She's the Man

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Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: US, Canada

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Endi Fikmen

Actors: Amanda Bynes, Laura Remsi, Channing Tatum, Vinni Dzhons, David Cross, Dzhuli Hegerti, Robert Hoffman, Alexandra Breckenridge, Dzhonatan Sadovsky, Amanda Kryu

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: June 1, 2006

Download She's the Man

Free She's the Man movie torrent. Viola wants to play football in the school team, but not so many opportunities in this sport for girls. She decided on a trick - disguised in his twin brother and is recorded in the men's team. To fully comply with the role, she is forced to live in a male dormitory tolerate harassment of girls, and everything else, Viola falls in love with his neighbor and partner in the team.

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Our Review:

There was no storm. Sebastian (Dzheyms Kirk) drove off to London, "which is in England," to play with the band concerts. His sister Viola (Amanda Bynes) - rude girl with the eyes, cheeks and feminist manners - sick football. Usual European. Not being admitted to the men's soccer team of their school, Viola pretends to be Sebastian and goes to try his luck in his college called Illyria. And there are already three and a half years of student football Duke Horacio (Cheyning Tatum) inconsolably in love with a student Olivia (Laura Remsi). Why are there - they even have their Malvolio. Yellow without, however, stocking - because the spider. Tarantula. And something strange happens: like such nonsense, and quite a look. And for the modern American teen comedy - and does a masterpiece. Well maybe not a masterpiece - but a good movie pop, dynamic and sometimes witty. Amanda Bynes great building faces and drives the ball into the mother's pink evening dress. Sometimes even a little overacting, but with her chubby cheeks and naive look that's forgivable. A man, however, it is not a bit pull - up to the boy. Like Harry Potter - second-graders, only without glasses and scar. Whether it "Duke" Horacio - that someone's chin, press, biceps, triceps, and so on. At the same time the vulnerable guy Mr. Tatum plays very convincingly. When lying on the bed, showing bare belly and talking about love - as he does not believe? About the rest is nothing to say. Olivia Olivia - blond and all so womanly. Sebastian Kirk all away. Vinni Dzhons again coached by the players, but unlike "Kostolom" here - children, bald coach. Bald and Director of Illyria, he did fine, but appears occasionally. By the way, the girls are talking about the love of cheese - because the sponsor of "Gouda" and drink like Beckham, Pepsi. If you stock up on drinks, popcorn and girlfriends Laughs, film swallowed without problems and without pleasure. And football fans "She male" should be like. Running around here and a lot of exciting fights and which satisfied! In the ladies' room, on the football field, and even in a kind of "house to kiss" - a strange place, where men of all ages and kiss young virgins for the money for the sake of something. Apparently, the "house" dug up somewhere in Shakespeare and incorrectly translated into American English.

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