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Romancing the Stone

Download Romancing the Stone full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Horror comedy thriller adventure

Country: USA, Mexico

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Actors: Maykl Duglas, Ketlin Torner, Danny DeVito, Zac Norman, Alfonso Arau, Manuel Ojeda, Holland Taylor, Mary Ellen Trainor, Iv Smit, Dzho Nesnou

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: March 30, 1984 (World)

Download Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone download movie. Best-selling author Dzhoan Uaylder (Ketlin Terner) lives in New York and writes romance novels about love. However, in her own life is no suitable men, but she wants to find him. Naturally, it should be bold and beautiful, in a word, such as the heroes of her novels. And soon, she is granted an opportunity to get acquainted with the fatal handsome Jack T. Colton (Maykl Duglas). However, when the peculiar circumstances - in the jungles of Colombia, where Joan was in search of treasure (large emerald). Jack is taken to help her in this case, naturally, he pursues his advantage. But gradually falls in love with, and it becomes for him more than all the treasures of the world.

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User's Review:

"Romancing the Stone" - unsurpassed classic adventure movie, filmed the brilliant American director Robertom Zemekisom ( "Forrest Gump," "Cast Away") back in the 1984th year in the wake of the peak of popularity of the genre, when just coming out one after the other masterpieces such as "Indiana Jones" Stivena Spilberga or "Crocodile Dundee" Peter Fame. It is light and solar film, filled with romance, sparkling humor and exotic, really intriguing, exciting and pleasing to the eye and to this day, after now 28 years old, thanks to really excellent directing, which had already traced the hand of a great master, and it was after the success of this film, Robert Zemeckis pulls the brightest directors 80th and 90th, taking in those years, a masterpiece of a masterpiece. The first film is remembered all, of course, first rate acting duo where clearly and loudly declared themselves, who after this tape is very popular in those years, Ketlin Terner ( "Prizzi's Honor," "Switching Channels") and Maykl Duglas ( "Wall Street", "I've had enough") is also gaining momentum then. The ratio of their heroes simple American writer Dzhoan Uaylder, writing romance novels, and wanted to meet once in a lifetime courageous hero of his books, and the gruff adventurer and hunter easy money Jack Colton develop exciting, fast-paced and funny, not giving the audience a breather for a second. They are completely different in all and their constant bickering and squabbles cause I always Homeric laughter every time you watch, but they are incredibly suited to each other and have some special chemistry between the actors, it's not just the same as the duo remains to be seen and later in a not very successful sequel, "Zhemchuzhina Nila", and in the remarkable "War of the Rose." It should be noted, and Shorty Danny DeVito ( "Twins," "Renaissance Man"), hilariously played here by Ralph, selfish and weasely villain, who added to this film a lot of funny scenes and gags. Cinematography Dina Kandi ( "Something", "Halloween") and its ability to take off so beautifully nature is really impressive and bewitching music by Alan Silvestri creates certainly a particular mood. Two awards "Golden Globe" in the 85th year, one of which went to Ketlin Terner and nominated for "Oscar" for the installation of completely indicative and are not comparable with the worldwide audience's love for this tape, which is, perhaps, all for the very positive and an unforgettable viewing with family and friends.

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