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Pretty Woman

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Movie Length: 1:59

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Garry Marshall

Actors: Richard Gere, Dzhuliya Roberts, Ralph Bellamy, Dzheyson Aleksandr, Laura San Giacomo, Alex Hyde-White, Emi Yasbek, Elinor Donahue, Hector Elizondo, Dzhudit Bolduin

Budget: $ 14 million

Year: March 23, 1990 (World)

Download Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman download movie. Taking off one night a beautiful woman (Roberts), tycoon Edvard Lyuis (Gere) in the morning makes it a tempting offer - for the generous fee is to keep him company for a whole week. Vivienne agrees, and when the time comes to an end, it becomes clear that both do not want to leave. In 1991, the movie "Pretty Woman" was nominated for "Oscar", she has received four nominations for a BAFTA Award and a prize "Golden Globe" for best actress in a comedy or musical, as well as three nominations for the same award.

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User's Review:

It is difficult to me to present a person today (at least in our country), not staring once this film. This, without doubt, the most popular, most often reviewed and beloved by all in 1990 melodrama raises in recent years I have very nostalgia for the days when the movie really touched a nerve and surprised. You just remember those emotions when I first watched this movie, and because the story seems simple and nezateyliv, but how well it lives and feelings, and like Dzhuliya Roberts is not so absolute beauty, but you stand in front of her really hard. For me personally, "Pretty Woman" in those days was a window into some other world, but with all the fairy-tale and the story of unreality, history here shows quite a life and that is what it is in itself and fall in love with millions of people around the world, as everyone at all negativity around still hope and believe in these stories of love. Richard Gere ( "The Jackal", "Nights in Rodanthe") and Dzhuliya Roberts ( "Mona Lisa Smile," "Flatliners") created a first-class screen duo for the ages of the diametrically different in all the characters, it is - a fun, tactless, explosive, he - noble, calm, intelligent, she is usually confined to the fact that there is, is not particularly appreciating yourself, he's always seeks to perfect and always gets the best of everything. Indescribably fascinating to watch how these two opposites eventually be attracted and wonderful director and genius of the genre Garry Marshall ( "Overboard," "Frankie and Johnny") skillfully manage this romantic story does not slip into some hopeless trivial, on the contrary, thanks sparkling humor and charisma flowing protagonists“ Pretty Woman "is able to knock out a tear and a smile of tenderness, even in the most stale crackers. Special mention, of course, deserves absolutely a good soundtrack, and every time I hear where a «Oh, Pretty Woman» Roy Orbison or «It Must Have Been Love» by Roxette in my head immediately float footage from this particular film and then do you want him for the hundredth time to reconsider. Most interestingly, the melodrama, as a genre, rarely finds an echo in the hearts of men, but here the "Pretty Woman" is the very rare exception to the rule, when the film is made, as they say, to one and all. In 1991, this masterpiece has done a lot of noise, three nominations for "Golden Globe" and the prize for Julia Roberts, who is also on the "Oscar" was nominated for (but with Kathy Bates received the statuette for "Misery" to compete in that year was all difficult), 4 BAFTA nomination, a nomination for "Cesar". "Pretty Woman" has long been nicknamed the popular movie and annual re-release Collector's Edition on DVD c additions and comments creators another proof, if you are an alien, and still did not see him, then join the people it is too late.

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