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One Fine Day

One Fine Day download movie.

Movie Length: 1:48

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Maykl Hoffman

Actors: Mishel Pfayffer, Dzhordzh Kluni, Mae Whitman, Alex D. Linz, Charles Durning, John Robin Beyts, Ellen Grin, Dzho Grifazi, Pete Hamill, Anna Maria Horsford


Year: December 20, 1996 (World)

Download One Fine Day

Free download One Fine Day movie. Melanie Parker - an architect, divorced and a single mother with a son Sammy. Dzhek Teylor - working as a reporter in New York Deli News, also is divorced and has a daughter, Maggie. The two meet and get to know at the pier when their children opozdyvayut on a school trip in the ship. By coincidence, both he and she have to be at work that day - Jack an important press conference, and Melanie must pass an important project, and the children they leave no one. Therefore, the main characters have decided to get out of this situation together, and what happens can be easily guessed. The name of the movie "One Fine Day" is selected by the same name of the song '60s group The Chiffons. From this, the most remarkable is that he was nominated for "Oscar" award in the "Best Original Song for the film" category.

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User's Review:

This is a great, easy and cute movie took off in 1996, the year of a great American film director Maykl Hoffman ( "The Last Station", "Emperor's Club"), after which I, being then very young and brought up entirely on action movies, with no memory in love with melodramatic movies . "One fine day" - a beautiful and emotional story of a spontaneous love, what happens on a daily basis by millions around the world and about the origin of the relationship of two people in the turmoil of their rapid life something light and gentle. This film is about a typical day, which, in spite of the exodus and the continuation of the events that took place in it, will remain in the memory of two people forever, change something and leave something always after itself, because love covers everything, it is wedged in the constancy of our lives suddenly and makes the most mediocre and ordinary moments unforgettable. Writers Terrell Zeltzer and Ellen Simon wrote a very simple and straightforward story, but filled with the present pace of life, its pulse and dynamics. Here there is a wonderful and good humor, without any hint of vulgarity, mundane and amusing conversations about everything and, of course, last but not least is the important role played by the children, decoration of any standing film. I think the best and accurate choice for the main male role of absolute favorite of women and a great character actor Dzhordzha Kluni ( "Welcome to Collinwood," "Oh, where are you, brother?"), And in its diverse filmography is, perhaps, the only wholly-owned melodrama, where he got lost and remarkably fulfilled its role as a confident and successful journalist Jack Taylor, who was tortured and work with all sorts of surprises, and on occasion even lonely. Fantastically beautiful and exceptionally talented Hollywood actress Mishel Pfayffer ( "The Deep End of the Ocean," "What Lies Beneath") in the role of a little disappointed in men and too entangled in their work matters and problems of life, Melanie Parker, stunning, nice and organically, in such women's impossible not to fall in love and just this, I think, wants to happen on each. Considerable importance in the history plays, and New York, a city of contrasts, crazy speeds, constantly surprises and romance of course, because that's where Harry met Sally, and this is what the city withdrew its best films of the great Vudi Allen. "One fine day" - this is the perfect family film, creating a special atmosphere and the heat in the house, which show tender feelings for his other half, or actively seek her indescribably pull.

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