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Free download Oblivion movie.

Movie Length: 2:05

Genre: Horror thriller action movie adventure fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Dzhozef Kosinski

Actors: Tom Kruz, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Rayzboro, Morgan Freeman, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Melissa Leo, Zoe Bell, Ebigeyl Lou, Izabel Lou, David Madison, Dzheyms Roulings, Lindsay Clift, Katrin Kim Poon, Dzheylen Mur

Budget: $ 120 million

Year: 11 April 2013

download Oblivion

Download Oblivion full movie for free. Fiction thriller about the future of mankind. At the Earth was attacked, and humanity won the war, but was not able to save the Earth. They - the past, the team sweep, but once he finds the wreckage wrecked ship a woman that casts doubt on all his usual way of things. And only a key hidden in his memoirs, it is able to regenerate. "Oblivion" - the second feature film directed by Dzhozefa Kosinski, known for the film "Tron: Legacy."

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Our Review:

Dear fi thriller with Tom Cruise, sometimes trying to be smarter than the genre allows. The high-tech stations on empty earth live two. Jack (Cruise) after repairing the remaining war drones, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) works his navigator and political officer. Drones hunt for the remains of aliens attacked the planet sixty years ago. Very soon, their mission will be completed, and our couple should join who left his native home of mankind. But on the eve of sending Jack ambushed, he met another woman (Kurylenko) and learns that in fact the story has evolved somewhat different way. As with any scientific (and not) fiction, "Oblivion" can be endlessly controversial pick for physical and spatial components (not very clear, for example, the heroes enjoy life, sitting on the terrace with the thin air). But let's be honest, who needs the laws of Newton, when you show the love scene in a transparent pool above the clouds? Director "Tron: Legacy" Dzhozefa Kosinski accepted blame for the inhuman (many even doubt in this regard, in its organic nature). Like, studio robot for the second time entrusted to a large budget, and again he took a beautiful but utterly lifeless film. And skeptically watching the opening half-hour romp in the spirit of "WALL-E" and "Moon 2112" least expect that you will fall another "Prometheus." And he was right there, shining nozzles space stations and thundering voice of the divine mysteries origin. No, to the presumption Ridli Skotta Kosinski has not yet matured, doubtful answers here and does not smell. But how often do movies where Tom Kruz saves the world, ask questions, or at least trying to impress? "Oblivion" is what surprises: cold perfection of visual imagery and conscious probaltyvaniem undertone basic emotional moments, grandiose plans and almost care attitude to small details (well, how the heck, the almighty supercomputer, or whatever he does not know what one or another of his Person of an hour ago talking to a hero?). How bizarre post-apocalyptic thriller with aeropogonyami, "Oblivion" is certainly worthy of attention, and even applause. But woe to the snobs who look to the film distinct assumptions or in vonnegutovski Fine innuendo. "Solaris" Reconsider better.

User's Review:

I have not ever have such feelings. The film makes the experience along with the characters, to feel in a certain obscure world in which we exist and we are now. Few actors allows you to empathize and identify each character. Elegant picture, music is simply delighted couple of times I caught myself on the fact that the goose trample my skin and hairs raised higher and higher. Two hours later I was in another dimension and was not thinking about anything else. When the Game Stands Tall actors.

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