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My Life in Ruins

Download movie My Life in Ruins for free.

Movie Length: 1:35

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: US, Spain

IMDB rating: 5.9

Director: Donald Petrie

Actors: Nia Vardalos, Richard Dreyfuss, Reychel Drech, Alexis Georgulis, Elister Makgoun, Harland Williams, Kerolayn Gudoll, Ian Ogilvy, Sofi Staki, Maria Botto

Budget: $ 17 million

Year: March 25, 2010

Download My Life in Ruins

Download My Life in Ruins full movie for free. An American of Greek origin working in Georgia Greece Travel guide. She is historian, specialist on ancient classics. Therefore, the program is full of some of its historical facts, from which tourists get tired and dream to swim and run by local souvenir shops. After one year on the hated her job, she wants to go back to America, but at the last moment, suddenly fervent love compels her to stay and enjoy Greece. "My Life in Ruins" - the first film in 50 years, which was filmed in the Athens Acropolis. The Greek government has authorized the shooting, arguing that such a film would help promote Greek culture in the world.

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Our Review:

Georgia (Nia Vardalos) worked as a guide in the Greek travel agency. By training she is a historian, a teacher at the university, but in connection with the staff reduction was forced to find a new job. Being a tour guide she did something like that, but that's not the tourists come across such as would be desirable. Georgia is enthusiastic about the history and art of ancient Greece, but the tourists wanted to spit on the Parthenon and Delphi beauty - Give them entertainment and souvenir shops. In next week's journey in a bus without air conditioning gathered a motley crowd: divorced Spaniard, looking for adventure, an elderly couple, silly American youth, family with a difficult teenager, always joking old man and do not understand in English granny. Georgia gave it all off and even the new driver, silent, hairy and with a funny name Pupi Kakashi. Georgia does not hide his displeasure with tourists and consider them complete dullards. They're on it, too, is not happy and easy to entice to another guide who leads travelers to the shops and restaurants at the expense of the cultural program. Georgia even decides to quit his job, but suddenly notices to his participation on the part of the public and advances the driver's side, who after shaving his beard was a very nice man. The film, which is actually called "My Life in Ruins", the box office was renamed "My Life in Ruins" to attract the attention of viewers who remember the very successful comedy "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," with the same Vardalos in the lead role. But looking at the new works with Vardalos, it seems that this success has not come out again ever. "My Life in Ruins" - the first in half a century Hollywood film, get permission to shoot at the Acropolis. The Greek government is not permitted to shoot movies there, for fear of harm to the monuments. However, the "Ruins" were allowed to withdraw from the fact that the film will help in attracting tourists. Caution, of course, is involved due to beautiful views of the ancient Greek temples in the hot sun - that for the sake of it and you can watch a movie.

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