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Music and Lyrics

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Movie Length: 1:36

Genre: Melodrama comedy music

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Mark Lourens

Actors: Hyu Grant, Dryu Berrimor, Scott Porter, Dan McMillan, Tom Foligno, Bred Gerret, Kristen Johnston, Nikolas Beykon, Andrew W. Blakemore, Campbell Scott


Year: April 12, 2007

Download Music and Lyrics

Download movie Music and Lyrics for free. The film's protagonist - Alex Fletcher - have long been resigned to the status of "former" star. Group 'Pop', to which he had once been - fifteen years broke up, but the man had a chance to regain its former glory. The key to the former success - young pop diva Cora Corman, and more precisely a song that he had to write it in a few days. There is only one problem - the authorship Alex is not too strong. However, fate smiles at him again - he meets Sophie Fisher. She will help the hero to compose a perfect romantic ballad, but there can not do without the difficulties and trials… The original name of the American comedy "With an eye - Down, of the chart - get out!" In a literal translation sounds like "Music and Lyrics."

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Our Review:

Alex Fletcher (Hyu Grant), a former member of the former popular group "Pop" is growing houseplants and live performances in dubious clubs where twenty years grown old fans happily sing along chorus the words of long-standing hits. Once he get the chance to write a song for Cora's superstar, girls, entangled in Buddhism. The song should be called "Find a way back to love." Alex had never been friends with poetry - it is a composer, but, fortunately, the girl, helping him with watering colors (Dryu Berrimor), knows a lot of words. Fruitful cooperation on the basis of poetry and music helps to understand those two cockroaches in their own minds and, of course, opens the door to happiness. Original name «Music & The Lyrics "for some reason, was translated into Russian as" With an eye - Down, of the chart - get out! ". Who were these people, and what motives they were guided - it is not clear, they may also become entangled in Buddhism. But not the essence. The second romantic comedy, filmed by Mark Lawrence on his own script (the first was "Two Weeks Notice"), clearly it shows that this almost fifty-year native of Brooklyn has its own handwriting. Alas, is not the most prominent. It would seem that two first-class actor in the hands of Grant and Barrymore - BEND them as you like, and you'll get a movie. But here's a pop singer Hugh bend in exactly the same way as the Prime Minister Hugh in "Love Actually", performing the same dance memorized. With Drew fared better, her first brief appearance in the frame to make the necessary excitement and confusion. But over time, as its position in the story and in the apartment Fletcher is determined, it adapts to the overall moderate rhythm of the film and lose enthusiasm. Although this is quite weak inflame passions can find another explanation: talented actors play so great losers, it is almost impossible to watch. With humor in this comedy, things are very bad. It seems there were a few funny moments - almost nothing comes to mind. Is that an allusion to Krylov's fable, but for some reason there is no doubt that Mr. Lawrence really meant Russian fabulist, but you never know. If the wings are nothing to do with - fun is just waking up under the piano. But this is rather ambiguous, is not it?

User's Review:

"Out of sight - out of the charts over there!" (Original title much more modest - "Music and Lyrics") - a fun and musical American-British comedy in 2007 by a talented director and screenwriter Marc Lawrence ( "Two Weeks Notice", "Spouses Morgan in hiding "), which is either in love with British actor Hyu Granta, or whether he had enslaved, but at the moment he takes the fourth film in a row with him in the lead role. At the center of this romantic story almost forgotten star and a great composer Aleks Fisher, formerly lead singer of the popular in the 80th group of «POP!» (Stylistically reminiscent of that between a Wham! And early Duran Duran), harvested when a stadium, but due to creative differences have long been disbanded. Now Alex interrupted corporate events and occasionally gives autographs to his already elderly fan, but, fortunately, was not discouraged and is still trying to revive his music career. One day, he met with some Sophie Fisher, a student literary faculty, replacing once his friend, who used to come to Alex watering flowers. Sophie is very talented writer of songs and together with Alex, they wrote with ease and great hit song A Way Back Into Love, which he later plans to sell the new youth star Cora Corman. Between Alex and Sophie are fastened relationship, and in the meantime their song like a young star, and it is ready to carry it, but only in the way and radically changed her entire arrangement, and not for the better. Alex does not dare to oppose it, because of what his relationship with Sophie deteriorate because after all, she is the author of the song. Coming big solo concert Cora Corman in which finally the premiere of the song, and where cross all the main characters. The biggest surprise for me in this film was, of course, very not bad singing Hyu Grant ( "About a Boy," "Bitter Moon") and Dryu Berrimor ( "Alien," "Charlie's Angels"), I could not imagine currently in a similar role, but as they say good actor is talented in everything, and songs written Adamom Shlezingerom - truly hits and do not leave anyone indifferent. In general, it is charming, very funny and topical (especially now in the wake of the popularity of all these wacky disco 80th and 90th) tape to the widest possible audience, but he loved especially, of course, musicians and people who know at least a little bit about the process of writing songs. In addition to stellar Grant Barrymore film graced fine comedians Brad Gerret ( "Happily Ever After") and Kristen Johnston ( "Third Rock from the Sun"), a versatile Campbell Scott ( "Dying Young") and funny Heyli Bennett ( "bang!" ) as narcissistic Cora Corman-like inflated navrode stars Britni Spirs. "Out of sight - out of the charts!" - the best choice for an evening of relaxation and just a good mood.

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