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Do not believe the fairy tales

Free download Maleficent movie.

Movie Length: 1:37

Genre: Horror Thriller Action Adventure Family Fantasy

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Robert Stromberg

Actors: Andzhelina Dzholi, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Lesli Menvill, Imelda Staunton, Dzhuno Templ, Sem Rayli, Brenton Tueyts, Kenneth Krenem Sarah Splendor, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

Budget: $ 180 million

Year: May 29, 2014

download Maleficent

Download Maleficent full movie for free. Children's fairy tale for adults. The young sorceress Maleficent led a solitary life in an enchanted forest, surrounded by fantastic creatures, but one day everything changed. In her world invaded by people who have brought destruction and chaos, and Maleficent had to stand up for his people, calling upon the powerful dark forces. In the heat of battle Maleficent has imposed a terrible curse on the king's newborn daughter, the beautiful Aurora. But, watching as a growing little princess, Maleficent begins to doubt the correctness of his action - in fact, perhaps that Aurora can breathe new life into a magical forest kingdom. The film "Maleficent" tells an alternate version of the animated film "Sleeping Beauty" event in 1959.

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Our Review:

Forget everything you know about Disney's "Sleeping Beauty", and get ready for a breakdown of the template. Once upon a time there lived a little horned fairy Maleficent. She lived in a beautiful and magical place on the planet Pandora ... that is not, of course, in the Fallow land, which coveted the greedy old king of a neighboring state. Lips, despite her young age, she painted causing red lipstick and once picked up the boy who grew up and turned spy Corporation RDA ... or rather - conceited bastard, and in order to become the new king, Maleficent cut off her beautiful wings. Then Maleficent slightly offended and imposed a newborn daughter of the former terrible curse. Aurora was the name of the baby. That's right, kids, and started actually tale of Sleeping Beauty, which is correct, of course, call the fairy tale about the fairy offended. Disney company in the background, apparently painful creative crisis decided pofontanirovat original, with inviolable doprezh classics as a guinea pig. Since 1959, the whole world was under the delusion that Maleficent - zelenorozhaya evil stuff. And then he impose humiliated, bruised, but still incredibly sexy Angelina Jolie, who - on the’ Okay, on the’ Okay - a bit presumptuous in his righteous vengeance, but generally positive to the tips of the horns impressive. You can, of course, assume that the creators of "Maleficent" wanted to enrich the children's tale philosophical sense, reminded of the unity and struggle of opposites and the concept polyarizma Lao Tzu. Although in reality we are dealing with is not the worst idea, embodied in the most primitive way, and causes the viewer reactions ranging from mild disappointment to hysterical giggles, not to mention the incessant deja vu. So as the target audience "Maleficent" most fit very small and meaningless children rather strong for his tender age nerves - in fact only one scene obeskrylivaniya muslin public may well turn away from eating popcorn.

User's Review:

For the first time I write that - then what kind of a film. So, I congratulate myself with the debut. But first, too, I read many different reviews for this movie. The truth is after watching it in a movie. The film is strong, rich beautiful special effects, correct views. In general, technologically no complaints, there are quality. But if you want to see the classic "Sleeping Beauty", the story is filmed, peresnyat, it is not here. I was interested in this interpretation, it is appropriate and modern, and most importantly, is the reaction of (diverse) audience. I think that even a very high quality, but the classic "Sleeping Beauty" could not cause such a flow of spectator interest and emotion. Arts, including cinema, provokes react, think, give birth projections emanating from personal experience and the level of development of the individual. So, my projection. The film is about women's development and initiation. And if something deeply "From Osinki Apelsinka not be born." Thieving human specimen should not come, I'm sorry, in the relationship with horny elf magic. And the woman usually plays in the "bitch" just after the trauma of a man consciously or unconsciously. Many people write that the movie teaches evil, but in general I see that the film tells the story of a unique opportunity Molifitsenty protect against threats from enemies and pain inflicted favorite is "erect a wall blackthorn" become, sort of, bitch. Would not it make a lot of women who have "hamstrung." The image of wings - it is freedom, flight, force. Lose the wings, is to become vulnerable, weak. Jolie, in my opinion, perfectly embodies the essence of the image. Stephen is at stake which is worth the power and status, hates himself for his weakness, but is not aware of this and that, all hatred and anger directed towards the former girlfriend. Relationship Malifitsenty and Aurora - mother-child. On this it is perfectly normal that in 16 years, Aurora said, "You are evil." After all, no matter how much her mother guarded her child, the child will still prick (misunderstand) acquire personal experience. I am surprised that some are sensitive to the fact that Aurora does not react to the death of his father, it's terrible type. But children do not have to worry about throwing them, and not the men to pay child support. In general, the tale with a very happy ending. Have you noticed what a wonderful man in Malifitsenty? Who I mean? Diablo! It was a woman, his life-giving energy and wisdom can turn your man into anyone: even a wolf, even a dragon! man only. it should be a match, and she told him. Well, they have, at least, should be at least two wings. The task of man - to serve his woman to protect her, to be her protection and support! The problem of women - to give him the energy to transform it, to be a friend, for which he succeeds. Well! See the movie and be happy!

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