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Make Your Move

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Movie Length: 1:47

Genre: Horror musical

Country: US, South Korea

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Duane Adler

Actors: Derek Haf, BoA, Will Yun Lee, Uesli Dzhonatan, Izabella Miko, Maykl Mendo, Rick Gonzalez, Den Loriya, Allison Holker, Dzhefferson Braun, Miki Ishikawa, Meri Eshton


Year: August 8, 2013

Download Make Your Move

Make Your Move download movie. Musical melodrama about two dancers who have grown up in different circumstances. But both of them are in New York and work together in a dance club. Between them there is a rivalry that develops into true love. But to be together is not easy, because relatives and friends did not approve of their relationship. The film "Take a step: Carpe Diem" was the directorial debut for Duane Adler, one of the creator of a series of films "Step Up."

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Our Review:

Straightforward and energetic melodrama about a modern Romeo and Juliet, which now and then break into a dance. Optimism and endless naivete of the film "Take a step: Seize the moment" can compete with the electoral rolls and other "spiritual" machinery. And marvel at this completely not worth it - because the director (and, of course, the screenwriter) made paintings Dueyn Adler, who should thank for the franchise "Step Up." Actually, for whom this series of films about the dancers was a revelation, if not, then something is more or less happy, you can safely go to the movies and play the game "Find 10 differences." Those who do not like to take risks, will tell you about the plot. Young, talented and beautiful street dancer Donny moved to New York to his half-brother, who owns an underground dance club to start a new life. And it really begins when Donnie meets a dancer Ayu, which falls almost immediately, but not do without consequences: her brother, it turns out, was a partner with his brother Donnie, and now - it is a major competitor in the business. But all this, of course, can not prevent Donny and Aya to be together - and without any plague on both of them at home, but with dancing and music. But simple paraphrase of Shakespeare's story should not be adjusted to something at least a little serious, "Make It Happen: Seize the moment" - a movie mostly about movement of the limbs, and not about any feelings were. Although how can not remember, "West Side Story", where more than half a century ago were able to combine the screen and stunning choreography, and the psychological depth of the characters, and the first-class drama. But we must admit that Adler is also a specialist in its own way - so ingenious and easy to insert another dance in two-way melodrama should be able to. That is why starring debutants involved actors, who is quite a professional in the dance craft. Those who are accustomed litsedeystvovat (especially Izabella Miko and Will Yun Lee), are in second place, with even far more winning role. That is why there is a thought that "Take a step: Seize the moment" is not a not a movie, but something in between rides and dance performances, for more weight equipped with a completely unnecessary 3D. After all, it's not a technology, but in an age that allows sight of a pair of dancers, prolonged by as much as half an hour.

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