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Mackenna's Gold

download Mackenna's Gold full movie for free.

Movie Length: 2:08

Genre: romance Western

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.8

Director: J. Lee Thompson

Actors: Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif, Telly Savalas, Camilla Sparv, Kinen Uinn, Dzhuli Nyumar, Ted Kessidi, J. Lee. Cobb, Raymond Massey, Bordzhess Meredit

Budget: $ 7,000,000

Year: March 18, 1969 (World)

Download Mackenna's Gold

Download Mackenna's Gold full movie for free. Due to the random circumstances Sheriff McKenna know about where the hidden gold of the ancient Indian tribe. As a "living map", he becomes a hostage gunman of Colorado, who wants to find a canyon "diabolical obsession"… The group of thugs adjoin more and more hunters wealth, but not everyone is destined to reach the goal. Especially back alive, because on the way to the cherished goal of their face uncertain futures ...

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User's Review:

Apache tribe have an old legend. Here's how they tell it: One day riding across the prairie rider and saw the neck (of those in Arizona called vultures). "Hey!" - says the neck man - "What do you got here, you old vulture? I saw you on Hedlibergom, and I did not want to go out with you because then I turned away from the city. " Then said the old vulture, "What is strange? I just flew over the city. A flying here. To wait for you here. " Like, all the same, fine, beautiful and wise old movies begin. From the very first minutes of stress and common sense, and the helplessness of the people. Centuries was famous canyon of gold. To whom it belonged, is unknown. How could it such an enormous amount of gold owned by someone? We gossiped a lot. Rumors, rumors, legends. Apache Indian tribe told that it is their wealth, but with the same success they could own and those who will come after them. I searched the canyon and one adventurer named McKenna (Gregory Peck). I spent three years, but could not find. Throwing is a waste of time, he becomes sheriff. After some time, he stumbles upon a leader Apache Old Coyote. Injun is not happy of such a meeting and trying to ambush attempts to attack. But McKenna manages to outsmart the clever addition and slain leader falls off his horse. In small torment comes it the last hour. Seeing some map of the killed, sheriff unwraps it, discovers the place, adding that he was there, but the gold is not there, and throws it into the fire. He does not know that for this card has long been hunted by his old friend John bandit Colorado (Omar Sharif) and his notorious gang. And not only he, everything begins. Wise, beautiful, interesting and exciting movie. Some times when ordinary citizens have shown, particularly liked. Lust for gold led them blindly to these parts, and they are not even aware of what will happen next. That this is not a not a pleasure trip, these people apparently did not think. And he paid. Good movie. And beautifully filmed. Types of Arizona (if that state advertising), picturesque landscapes, exciting chases, bright actors (beautiful and charismatic), a stunning combination of shooting those years, the plot with interesting moves and turns and dramatic ending - that's what a real old western on a gold digger un-American! And the music Kvinsi Dzhonsa? Together with his song "Old vulture vulture", which is best to listen to the performance of the Soviet Valery Obodzinskii, as well as the film itself - with the Soviet dubbing? It's just beyond praise. What else do you say. The highest score for tricks of our mother nature and her own wealth! 10 of 10.

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