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Look Who's Talking

Download Look Who's Talking full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Horror Comedy Family

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.8

Director: Amy Heckerling

Actors: John Travolta, Kersti Elli, Olympia Dukakis, Dzhordzh Sigal, Eyb Vigoda, Bryus Uillis, Tvink Kaplan, Dzheyson Shaller, Dzhared Uoterhaus

Budget: $ 7.5 million

Year: October 13, 1989 (World)

Download Look Who's Talking

Free download Look Who's Talking movie. Molly is no longer a young girl, but she really wants to have children. She meets a man, and expects that it will soon have to marry her, the more she was pregnant by him. But the man is not ready to be a father, especially since he already has children. A woman is forced to stand alone before the very birth. Contractions begin suddenly, Molly runs into the street and catch a taxi. The taxi driver is a good guy, and otherwise speaks Molly, so she was not worried. He escorted her up to the Chamber, and, after waiting for Molly gives birth, remains in a newborn Molly and Mike's life. "Look Who's Talking" - a family comedy starring John Travolta, spawned several sequels in the same vein.

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User's Review:

"Look Who's Talking" for me - a childhood movie. In particular, the third part, because it was her, I looked first. There were no car chases, no fights, no stunning special effects, but there is something that is much more important than all of this - the kindness and light. Talking Dog! About this was my first reaction to the appearance in the frame of four-legged actors. This is the first movie of similar subjects, which I saw, and he left the most vivid emotions. Even today, reviewing the film on the one hundredth, perhaps, once, I'm happy like a child familiar jokes and "dog" dialogues. A touching story of love poodles and mutts, charming actors and not vulgar jokes, over which any child laugh. After seeing this film, I could not help think: it is interesting, and he thinks he won than Bobby? I would recommend this film to all young children and middle-aged. Yes, in other matters, see the comedy, joy in any adult, in which the soul is still living child.

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