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Kuai can che

Download Kuai can che full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Horror comedy thriller crime

Country: Hong Kong, Spain

IMDB rating: 7.3

Director: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

Actors: Dzheki Chan, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Benny Urquidez, Keith Vitali, Herb Edelman, Lola Forner


Year: August 17, 1984 (World)

Download Kuai can che

Download Kuai can che full movie for free. Adventure comedy in the genre of martial arts. Thomas and David - a couple of energetic Chinese, organize a small family business in Barcelona. Working in a mobile bistros, they regularly delight citizens dishes Spanish-Chinese cuisine. Shelters once-beautiful thief Sylvia hapless entrepreneurs found ourselves short in cash monthly revenues. In search of the girl brothers to overcome the difficult path to the castle of the famous Spanish nobleman who fought with the army incorrigible thugs. "Wheels on Meals" was the first film Dzheki Chana, shot outside Asia.

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User's Review:

Snacks, Spanish model, aristocracy, humor and fairness in Chinese. When again and again revising your favorite movies, you start marveled, saying, How is it they have not become boring? After all, history know by heart! Nothing new and additional will not be there, but still, you look happy. And often, as the first time. Yes, maybe this is the power of a good movie that no time on it has no power? Who knows. "Wheels on Meals" - another painting from the collection of Dzheki Chana, I have long ago put in the top 10 of his works, and that, with undisguised curiosity, just reviewed, in order to know: whether the picture and has passed the test of time? What do you say. A positive response came back in the first 10 minutes of the film. Morning in Barcelona. The sun rises. The guys ringing the alarm. They reluctantly get up and begin vigorous sports training, under the rhythmic music of the film. Their bodies are well inflated (arms, shoulders, press, leg). And in general, they are cute, funny and cute guys. Thomas - Dzheki Chan. David - Yuen Biao (two friends, the actor, who know each other since childhood, and good-looking together on the screen). Here. Charging makes me forget about themselves and their bodies - to keep constantly in shape ... Then, after a series of simple, light jokes with neighbors, comes very amusing dialogue, which puts the winning point in the power of this painting. "Sorry, you do not tell me how to drive on Harbor Street?". "Harbor Street? Go straight and then will roll to the left. Ever get to Cali Malorka ". "When?". "When you lose your way. Since miss a turn on Bilbao Street. " "Why?". "Because that is not will roll. You will need to drive around the fountain and make sure it works. " "And if it works, then…? ". "That Harbor Street is the right of the fountain." "And if you are not working?". "Then, on Harbor Street should be working, and you have to find another way." "Uh, thank you. I got it. Thank you". Here, everything. From then on I was watching a movie, being in a good mood and full of the spirit of sport. Two cousins ​​energetic Chinese, Thomas (Dzheki Chan) and David (Yuen Biao), live in Barcelona and make a living by selling food on your equipped minibus. Good service, courteous attitude, speed and quality snacks. What else should be the young, cute kids? Their grief-mate, assistant detective in a small agency, Moby (Sammo Hung), believes that adventure is not enough of those. Vputyvaya both in his business, he now and then, gives them a lot of trouble. So this time, Moby has to find a girl named Sylvia (Lola Forner), which is also like David. And the situation would be easy, because the girl - a local pickpocket and thief, and trades in the same area where the brothers work. But then there are some people and change their plans. Who they are and what they want from a simple pickpocket, and to learn the three friends. Advertisement «Mitsubishi Motors», as the main sponsor of the film. Participation Lola Forner - "Miss Spain", 1979. The presence of a professional kickboxer, by negative characters - Benni Urkidesa (By the way The fact that the final battle between him and Dzheki Chanom ended without casualties, gives the film a certain nobility And the painting itself, as a whole, is not some kind of cruel massacre.. which undoubtedly identifies Chan from among such actors). That's all. Beauty Lola Forner, once again appear in the "Armor of God". Jackie, there will demonstrate one more trick across the bridge (which we have seen here in "Wheels on Meals"), well, all three of friends more than once will delight the audience with their efforts to reach their hearts, as demonstrated in this fun, emotional and fascinating stories about the simple, seemingly snacks. Simple but highly otsenonnye local edge (highest-grossing film in Hong Kong in 1984). A lot of it, 10 out of 10

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