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Just My Luck

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Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: Horror Fantasy Comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.4

Director: Donald Petrie

Actors: Lindsay Lohan, Kris Payn, Samaire Armstrong, Bri Torner, Feyzon Lav, Missi Pyle, Makenzie Vega, Carlos Ponce, Tom Fletcher, Denni Dzhons

Budget: $ 28 million

Year: June 29, 2006

Download Just My Luck

Free download Just My Luck movie. Heroine Ashley is a rare lucky one: and the work is great, and with friends, and on the personal front. Even lottery tickets - and they all winning. She lives near the Jake - a young man is absolutely the opposite of Ashley. He rightly bears the proud title of "loser", who did not catch on, anyway. Such a life would continue, and further, if one day they come face to face in a passionate kiss. It just so happened that through Ashley gave Jake his good luck.

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Our Review:

Cheerful Ashley (Lohan) carries always and everywhere. Rain ends, it is worth it to go out, a taxi stop, she did not have time to raise his hand, the money just stick to her shoes, and if it goes to the elevator, then certainly with the most eligible bachelor of America, which is sure to invite her on a date. For world harmony in the same New York City is home to a chronic loser Jack (Payne). This is the opposite - there is no money ever, if you do not come into the pool, be sure to plunge into something worse, and everything he touched no matter breaks down, broken and crumbling. And once these two meet by chance at a masquerade, dancing, kissing, and with luck kiss Ashley goes to Jack. She gets to prison, loses his job, an apartment and a rich husband, he is finally getting better. Only now Ashley such arrangement does not suit, she is trying to find the abuser, but the trouble - does not remember with whom she kissed. Despite the fact that now the youngest Lohan need to kiss all the dancers, who were at the masquerade, the whole story looks very innocent and chaste. And in general, everything here is really about a large, bright and pure love. At times, the macabre picture of slipping into pathos, at times - to the absolute stupidity. Problems of heroes, of course, fun. And it is the main joke of the film. In general, you will not lose anything if you spend an extra two hours is not in a movie theater and the great outdoors. On the other hand - in the cinema so cool…

User's Review:

Absolutely stunning film-fairy tale about love and the most unstable thing in our lives - good fortune. The main heroine of the charming Eshli Olbrayt (Lindsay Lohan) is a lucky life. She was not familiar with such a thing as failure. Incredibly beautiful Dzheyk Hardin (Kris Payn) - a classic example of a loser. And it is that Mrs. Fortuna peremetnulas to Jake. The film leaves a pleasant warmth inside, brings a smile to his lips. This film is, in my opinion, for a relaxed, easy hanging out on Friday night. Despite a rather familiar story of Hollywood movies, this movie want to see again. Well-chosen cast. On a pretty attractive face Chris Pine want to watch and watch. Lindsey also is charming as ever. Adorable, funny, appealing to their incredible positive film. And damn romantic. Although it does not claim to be the most amazing, I would recommend to see this movie. Can the whole family. Lovely happy ending, and so arises because where the same without him.

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