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I Give It a Year

Free I Give It a Year movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:33

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: Germany, UK, France

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: Dan Mazer

Actors: Rouz Birn, Reyf Spoll, Anna Faris, Saymon Beyker, Minnie Driver, Dzheyson Fleming, Stephen Merchant, Olivia Colman, Anna Skellern, Senem Temiz, Lee Asquith-Coe


Year: March 14, 2013

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Download I Give It a Year full movie for free. Comedy about various problems and difficulties faced by the couple in the first year of their married life. Josh and Nat - the happiest people in the world. After all, today their wedding day. They stand at the altar together and do not notice things obvious to all present. The fact that the world is difficult to find people who are less suited to family life than the bride and groom

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Our Review:

Another comedy of manners of the modern Western middle class and about the difficulties and problems faced by the couple in the first year of life. Natasha (Byrne) and Josh (Spall) recently met with all the fervor and love of fresh indulged in romantic relationships. Photographed kisses on a mobile phone, went to Venice, and finally decided to get married. It was decided to get married in a huge old Anglican church. But, alas, at the crucial moment the priest can not pronounce the final phrase, "I now pronounce you husband and wife" and begins to cough terribly. Hitch… and the phrase, to the relief of the couple and the guests finally said. "What a lovely couple!" - exclaimed one of the guests. "I give it a year," - said his wife. Indeed, less than six months, Natasha and Josh already attending psychoanalyst and family come to the conclusion that they are too different to live together. Natasha - the head of department in a large PR agency and is immersed in a career. Josh - an aspiring writer, all day lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling and listening to rap. Besides, Natasha has a new big client (Baker) - A young millionaire, charming, handsome, witty intellectual and a favorite of his own working bleaches factory. It offers Natasha's marriage is not suspected to be his wife. And to share with him his multi-million dollar fortune. Josh, meanwhile thumps in clubs and behaves like a complete idiot. The film's director Dan Mazer down in history as a controversial writer "Borat" and then followed by "Bruno" with Sacha Baron Cohen. With the latest Mather made friends at the beginning of his career, when produced and directed the famous TV series "Ali Dzhi Show." This fact explains a lot. The originality of the film "i give it a year," gives a strange compilation of humor at the level of youth comedies like "The Hangover" and the entourage in the style of romantic comedies for those under 30. For the obscene, but it is not funny joke answers Briton Stephen Merchant in the role of the best friend of the main hero. But there were times when this guy was operating close to Saymonom Peggom in "Hot Fuzz" - a comedy where a higher level than the fresh mazerovskaya hack. However, "i give it a year," and does not claim the laurels of intelligent entertainment. For those going to the movies at all in the other films.

User's Review:

Fun and easy movie that look good company or with a loved one. A simple, but entertaining story. In the film, a lot of funny jokes, so bored just do not have! Comedy turned as if "on the contrary", as the lovers get married first, and then face the challenge of understanding and lapping each other. In a couple of very funny friends that involves a lot of funny moments.

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