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How to Steal a Million

Free How to Steal a Million movie torrent.

Movie Length: 2:03

Genre: Horror Comedy Crime

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.6

Director: Uilyam Uayler

Actors: Odri Hepbern, Peter O'Toole, Ilay Uollak, Hyu Griffit, Sharl Buaye, Fernand Gravel, Marcel Dalio, Zhak Maren, Mustache, Rozhe Trevil

Budget: $ 6,000,000

Year: July 13, 1966 (World)

Download How to Steal a Million

Free download How to Steal a Million movie. Sharl Bonne - a talented amateur artist - wrote imitations of famous Impressionist and sell them as originals at prestigious auctions. Also stored in the house Bonnet heirloom - a statuette of a nude Venus, which is issued for the work of the famous Italian sculptor Cellini - invited to exhibit at the prestigious exhibition. Despite the warnings of his daughter Nicole, who fears that fraud can be revealed, Bonnet agrees to take the statuette to the exhibition, where she became interested in the millionaire, obsessed with art.

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Our Review:

Brilliant comedy about the "robbery of the century", which cranked romantic adventurers. Sharl Bonne (Hyu Griffit) - eccentric millionaire and famous in the world of art collector, but no one, except his beautiful daughter Nicole Bonnet (Odri Hepbern), does not know the secret of his collection: all "Van Gogi" and "Cézanne", sold them at auction , clever forgery. At the request of the director of the prestigious Paris museum M. Bonnet, gives the exhibition the most precious exhibit of his collection - the sculpture "Venus" of the work of Benvenuto Cellini, which is estimated at one million dollars. However, the "Venus" is also a fake, and that the experts have not found it, and do not jeopardize the reputation of the Bonnet Nicole with "blue-eyed, slender, tall and interesting" burglar Simon Dermott (Peter O’Toole) resolved on a daring and unprecedented robbery. But how to steal "Venus" Benvenuto Cellini, worth one million dollars, protected by the latest alarm system with infrared rays, having the presence of only a boomerang, a magnet and a fire bucket? Otgadka be as witty as complex seemed a mystery. Director William Wyler's not the first time to work with Odri Hepbern. In the end, the actress, as they say, "woke up famous" after performing the title role in "Roman Holiday" Wyler. the director himself, planning to "How to Steal a Million", wanted to make a movie sequel "Roman Holiday", and darker in tone (which sought the help of Stanley Kubrick, who had just removed "Murder"). Fortunately for the audience, the idea Wyler in life did not materialize, and "How to Steal a Million," a picture of a beautiful amateurs, audiences fell in love just because of their bright humor, duhopodemnomu mood and romantic flair. Besides, we should not forget that the action takes place in Paris. "How to Steal a Million" has set the bar pretty high for romantic comedies. Brilliant screenplay filled with light but elegant jokes. For example, when the heroine Hepburn whole movie sported outfits from Givenchy is dressed in a suit cleaner, Simon said to her, "That's wonderful. Givenchy Let rest at least a night. "

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