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How to be Single

Bad not teach!

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Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Christian Ditter

Actors: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Alison Brie, Damon Wayans ml., Anders Holm, Nikolas Braun, Dzheyk Lesi, Dzheyson Mantsukas, Kolin Zhost

Budget: $ 38 million

Year: February 11, 2016

Download How to be Single

Download How to be Single full movie for free. There is a right way to be "the one", there is a wrong, and there's Alice. And Robin. And Lucy. And Meg. And Tom. And David. New York is full of lonely hearts who are in search of a perfect match - whether it's a love affair, a casual acquaintance or somewhere in between. Somewhere between SMS and intriguing adventures for one night all the bachelors and bachelorette know what it is - to be alone in a world that is filled with a variety of manifestations of love. Some sleep in the city that "never sleeps" has never been a very fun class.

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Our Review:

Purely American women's lyrical comedy about the search itself and what some relations in the modern big city student Alice (Dakota Johnson) in search of adventure and trying to become independent from the others, Mom, boyfriend and sister moved to Manhattan. What is this independence - is not very clear, she lives in an apartment careerists first-sister Meg (Leslie Mann). And falls into the arms of nowhere the undertaken sexually liberated girlfriend, fat women Robin (Rebel Wilson). By an unknown path side lives Lucy (Alison Brie), who wants to find her perfect man with minimal time and feelings. Boyfriend does not stand the test of separation, sister midwife-gynecologist decided it was time to give birth, and fertilizes itself through a sperm bank, pragmatic girlfriend - in its wake, and Alice have no choice but to communicate with the fat woman, with which it works in the same office and hanging out in some bars. What are the first associations come to mind when the name of the movie sounds like "Active search"? What is it - a regular mix of "Sex and the City" and "Bridzhit Dzhons Diary"? Bravo, you guessed it, from the first frame is a story about it. How can I fix so obvious repeat the idea of ​​the film? That's right - to insert a replica "Do not look „Sex and the City“ and „Bridzhit Dzhons Diary“". And the writers are doing it without any hesitation. One would think that everything that happens - some postmodern, but no. The film "active search" - a romantic comedy, which for some reason was credited with an age limit 18+. At the end of the heroine Dakota Jones, for some reason, he climbs a mountain and looking out on the world. Spectators diverge at a loss and not realizing what it was. the film does not get to the existential depths. With enchanting jokes deal immediately something went wrong. Truism "pay for the drinks guys" can, and surprising in an era of triumphant feminism and ongoing gender wars, but not for countries other than the United States. Wait at such deep drama casting initially naive. Maybe it's in nekinematografichnosti of New York, to take on the background which could only Vudi Allen. And the creators of the TV series "Sex and the City." "Active search" - obviously not from this series.

User's Review:

I fell asleep. We went to laugh, and I fell asleep. Very boring movie, a very long talk about. There is no humor. I'm really sorry, and etched into the empty time and money on such a "comedy." Absolutely do not want to disassemble the game of actors, ideas, etc. rezhessera There is nothing to parse: tedious, lengthy and uninteresting.

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