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Hors de prix

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Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: France

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Pierre Salvadori

Actors: Odri Totu, Gad Elmaleh, Marie-Christine Adam Vernon Dobcheff Jacques Spisser, Anneliz Em, Charlotte Vermeil, Klodin Bashet Lauren Claret, Zhan De Coninck


Year: August 2, 2007

Download Hors de prix

Free Hors de prix movie torrent. Irene takes an ordinary employee at a Billionaire. Realizing what was wrong, she immediately leaves him. But Jean had time to fall in love, and so she simply no longer get rid of him. To earn money, Jean becomes a very rich accompanying an elderly lady. In addition, it increases his status, and now young people may be more likely to Irene society. She, meanwhile, every day is tied to it more…

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Our Review:

Besides poverty Jean (Gad Elmaleh) is another huge negative in the eyes of Irene (Odri Totu) - he was in love with her. And she made a stupid: mistaking him for a millionaire slept with him. And - twice. According to the law of the genre, he was caught and secured older lover (Vernon Dobcheff). And brooches. And then it was discovered that her young beau no no millionaire, of bringing itself cigars from Cuba on a private jet, and the only hotel room service. In Love follows beauty, and she reveals to him the action that it just is not able to provide all of its whims. Busted Jean hotel picks elderly lord (Marie-Christine Adam), ready to pay well for the boy. It turns out that the luxury apartments are newly gigolo in the neighborhood of those that Irene spins another "daddy" (Zhak Spisser). The girl decides to help Jean, tells him all sorts of tricks that help to pull out of the total of more sponsors. Gentle Amelie grew up in a wolf that comes to social events like hunting. Attractive young woman a second communication with her for a long time are converted to euros. As she says his protege Jean - the rich pay for the youth and charm. But the charm - it's more than beauty, it is impossible to resist. The disciple is very capable, even more so - there is nothing that makes the man, as a new good clothes. At some point, Irene begins to feel that her heart tingle thin needles of jealousy. This means that heartless girl, chasing only for tight purses, something that can catch. Audrey and Gad so get used to their role, it is difficult to imagine that the actors playing something different, and even the fact that they play in this film. One gets the impression that the couple actually lives with the relationship, and this, coupled with a touch of humor, gives a stunning presence. Of course, in the end there will be a happy ending. But from the height of the real life looks nice and let it romantic, but far-fetched. How far will leave lovers left their landlords, and all that was acquired by back-breaking toil? One euro in his pocket - to pay the fare. Maybe it's love until the first refueling? But did it matter, when the heroes are so young and in love. Whatever you may say - the French better than anyone know how to talk about feelings. And also to show them.

User's Review:

"Fatal Beauty" (the original name of the correct "Priceless") - a bright, funny and romantic ribbon Frenchman Pierre Salvadori ( "casual affair", "…And not blush "), placed by him in the year 2006 from a screenplay written by Salvadori, together with Benoît Graffin (" ambitious ") and Frank Bosharom (" disciples "). Irene - hunter rich and successful men hunted in expensive hotels and living for others. Jean - a modest hotel employee, and working as a bartender and porter, and dog walkers. One day, Jean falls asleep in the chair near the bar and which has reached chance to Irene takes him for the rich guest of the hotel, and Jean saw the staggering beauty does not mind playing in this way, and now it is in the presidential suite. In the morning, Irene hastily removed, and crazed, Jean decides to go to trail behind it, and in no matter what was to win her heart. Met again a year later, Irene finds out about the deception of Jean and otherwise avoids it, and that in turn is arranged to a certain elderly lady as an escort and becomes practically colleague Irene, leaving no hope for love and trying to be a fatal beauty as closely as possible. Since the time of the ingenious "Beauty" Garry Marshall I have not seen a more charming and enjoyable in every sense of the film about the ladies of easy virtue and cunning seductress, and Pierre Salvadori managed to miraculously get the atmosphere of "Breakfast at Tiffany's", the romance of the above film and French charm, knead it all in one package and do something totally his own, original and memorable. The story is simple, but it served a very refined, playful and humorous, in which there is no hint of vulgarity and stunning views of Nice, luxurious decoration expensive hotels give the film a special glamor and gloss. Of course, madly like to mention one of the most talented and famous young actresses in France, Odri Totu ( "just together", "Dirty Pretty Things"), which is really dazzling in their silk gowns in the film, with children and naive expression, but guns the art of seduction is easy and natural, like a magician magic. Pleasant discovery for me here was the Frenchman Elmali Gad ( "Love with obstacles," "The Stand"), is not a handsome man, but damn charismatic and funny actor, for which I am following with interest is now. "Fatal Beauty" - one of the best romantic comedies of the last decade, by which the heart and the soul sings and rejoices.

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