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High School Musical

Free download High School Musical movie.

Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Horror Comedy Musical Family

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.2

Director: Kenny Ortega

Actors: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Eshli Tisdeyl, Lukas Grabil, Corbin Bleu, Monika Koulmen, Bart Johnson, Elison Rid, Kris Uorren ml., Olesya Rulin

Budget: $ 4.2 million

Year: September 25, 2010

Download High School Musical

Free download High School Musical movie. Christmas karaoke party brings together athlete Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez excellent student. Duo on stage quickly grew into a duet in life, especially since Gabriella went to school, where he studied Troy. Together they decide to audition for the school musical. But their plans want to prevent school beauty queen and her brother.

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User's Review:

Watch the movie "High School Musical" have prompted ... Briefcase! High school musical: on it just all the guys were written and illustrated. The name has been of interest, as well as the children themselves, and I decided to see what kind of "High School Musical." Only I hope that does not show as a seat for a thousand episodes did not want to. The result pleased - it was the film with multiple extensions - good genre, because it's not the show, but not the movie, when half an hour later forced to say goodbye to the protagonist who fell in love with. Now about the main characters. students often play not quite teenagers, and "the older guys." When the film has just begun, after a few minutes I learned in viewing it Zaka Efrona, who is known to me in "17 Again", after a few more minutes I realized who reminds me of the main character - of course, it's Vanessa Hudgens! In general, those who do not know any one film. In addition, a very, very young - at the time of the first part of the movie Zack 18, and Vanessa, and even less - 17! The film very much, it is made with high quality and good. Vivid characters, interesting plot. Very high quality and professionally delivered dance and musical performances, and sports is also at altitude, although the plot is less. In the film, a lot of funny scenes, amusing allusions, but he did not. In it everything is as it should be. It's great. The fact that the two heroes, basketball (oh, stuck to the same Zach athletes play with a red ball :) and prodigy-chemist genius decided to audition, causes a lot of nezauryadits. At least that's their choice initially discouraged and even ridiculed by friends. But it is important to decide on such a step, if you want, and it's your dream, even if it means losing friends. By the way, friends. They were really good friends because they do not cast the characters and understand them and accept their decision and even helped. And, of course, all this takes place at the interface of the American school, which makes the film interesting is incredible! It is such a sunny and bright comedy that I want her to come back again and again!

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