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Head Over Heels

Download Head Over Heels full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:26

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.4

Director: Mark Waters

Actors: Monica Potter, Freddy Prince ml., Shalom Harlow, Ivana Miličević, Tomiko Frayzer, Chayna Chou, Dzhey Brazo, Stanley DeSantis, Erin-Marie Daykman

Budget: $ 14 million

Year: November 6, 2001

Download Head Over Heels

Free Head Over Heels movie torrent. Amanda - beautiful and clever, but, as it happens, unlucky in love. Outposts once their loved one in bed with another, she proudly leave their nest together and goes to look for a new home. Intelligent girl quite satisfied tiny room in a luxurious apartment rented four supermodels. Along with the new neighbors Amanda finds love. Beside them live the real "Mr. Perfect" and the heroine diligently seeking a meeting with him. But one day she was watching out the window horrible scene: a handsome man straightened using bits with some girl….

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User's Review:

Amanda Pierce (Monica Potter actress) disappointed in your boyfriend, or rather caught him cheating, generously leaving his apartment, he goes in search of a new home. And he finds room in the luxury suites, in addition to the neighbors. Who do you think? With four elegant long-legged models! Also adjacent Amanda meets a man named Jim Winston (Actor Freddy Prince ml.). Whether he is, the one perfect man Amanda? But all is not as easy for him peeping in the window, the main character sees this! What did she see? This will have to figure out the audience, along with Amanda and her new friends. Hint, genre tells you the path of development. The film is interesting, with banal inserts, but, in principle, in the process of viewing realize that much of this movie did not expect, because it is meant to rejoice, that's his main goal. Funny movie, great uplifting, entertaining and fun. In the film, flash clothes, partying and fun, heels and a podium! Perfectly matched cast, models from 1 m. 75 cm., Thin, attractive, everything right from the models. Of course, in this film was transferred to form an image of the model, ie, a sort of silly, is dreaming about shopping, high fashion, the amount of calories and all in this spirit. In my opinion, the actress Monica Potter as Amanda coped with the role and is not lost on the background of the long-legged beauties, not become their gray shadow. I advise you to see if you feel sad, sad, bad mood or someone crossed the road? It does not matter, "Upside Down" cheer up, cheer and laugh, and turn everything upside down. It is good that there is a movie to dispel the clouds in the harsh days or gloomy weekend!

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