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Hall Pass

Free download Hall Pass movie.

Movie Length: 1:45

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.9


Actors: Owen Wilson, Dzheyson Sudeykis, Kristina Epplgeyt, Dzhenna Fisher, Nikki Uilan, Richard Jenkins, Stephen Merchant, Larry Dzho Kempbell, Bryus Tomas, Alexandra Daddario, Tyler Heklin

Budget: $ 36 million

Year: April 21, 2011

Download Hall Pass

Free download Hall Pass movie. Two 40-year-old family man - Fred (Dzheyson Sudeykis) and Rick (Owen Wilson) - a sudden get a gift from his wife. They give their husbands a week of unlimited freedom. As many as 7 days heroes have the right to start a relationship on the side. They are happy to such a possibility, but for some reason they did not get to meet anyone. Increasingly, they prefer to stay at home and looming on the horizon in amorous pleasures booze with friends. In addition, it appears that the wife of Fred and Rick did not mind to take advantage of "week of freedom." And it is not included in the plans of the characters ...

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Our Review:

Tired of the look that husbands bestow all counterclaims women, the wife of Rick and Fred decide on the time to dismiss them out of family life. Two forty zhenatikom given the whole "unmarried Week" - his wife, children and all problems are serving to their parents, while the share of men now falls bachelor happiness. Happiness is not surprising: for seven days, Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Dzheyson Sudeykis) are drunk in bars, forbidding stare at busty girls, try to change wives and suffer because my heart is restless. But his wife at this time, too, will not be bored. "Unmarried Week" - a new film by the Farrelly brothers, the real, sometimes unpleasant bombastic and loud anthem family ties. Not cost the naturally without branded jokes: about sex, about his absence, about the diversity of gender relations and so on. About feces is small, about the vagina - moderately, about a member - more than (in one episode alternately flashed on the screen as much as two of the penis). Sometimes - very funny. Naturally, the more vulgar and silly situations the characters get, the more they pull back to their wives. And in an effort to mask a thick layer of morality all the fun obscenities, occurs in the "unmarried Week" Farrelly surpassed many specialists in romkomam. Of particular delight is the moment when Wilson's character tells sexy pullets that his wife was asleep on his chest, drooling, and since then this place is almost sacred to him. Pullets had already almost got rid of the dresses, but become thoughtful after such a speech. Apart from chanting the institution of marriage and spouted different substances humor comedy Farrelly there is something else, not the original, but the most valuable. Sad thought that for a lot of maturity and then old age is particularly bad in that people still feel young fighting cock until he would say in his eyes that he was just an old randy goat. So this is, in general, pleasant, fairly clever and touching romantic movie - not the worst thing in the artistic heritage Farrelly duo: in 2012 they planned out the painting "Three monster", and in 2013 - "Walter - farting dog." Long live permanence.

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