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French Kiss

French Kiss download movie.

Movie Length: 1:51

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 6.5

Director: Lourens Kezdan

Actors: Meg Ryan, Kevin Klayn, Timothy Hutton, Jean Reno, Fransua Klyuze, Syuzen Anbe, Rene Hamfri, Maykl Rayli, Loren Shpilfogel Victor Garrive


Year: May 5, 1995 (World)

Download French Kiss

Free download French Kiss movie. On the eve of the wedding, Charlie will have to fly to a conference in the most romantic city - Paris, but his bride can not accompany him because of the panic fear of flying. In the end, Charlie flies alone, and a few days later calling his fiancee to tell about how he had met in Paris, his true love. Kate is shocked, she is going and immediately flies to the bride, overcoming the fear of flying. On the plane to her next door gets French-dork that helps Kate to cope with panic, and further solves the problem with the groom.

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User's Review:

This adorable my film and in general one of the best romantic comedies presented to the audience in the 95th year, a fine American director and a successful producer Lourens Kezdan ( "The Accidental Tourist," "Silverado"), script, by the way, to such masterpieces as "Indiana Jones "and" Star wars. " In the charming Kate doing well in life, successful husband, a beautiful home in Toronto, but there is one problem, she is afraid of creepy fly on airplanes, which is why it can not once again fly with her husband in Paris, the city where she has always dreamed visit. Kate's husband Charlie flies there on a business trip and after a while she finds out that he met and fell in love with another. Reluctantly teeth in utter horror, she decided yet on a flight from Canada to France to deal with the wrong Charlie. On the plane to it sits the charming, slightly rough and talkative Frenchman Lyuk Tesse, which actually turns out to be a fraud, podkinuvshim Kate stolen them in Canada, necklace in the hope that it at customs check will not be because of him keenly, and for a long time Follow local inspector Jean-Paul Cordon. Initially Kate and Luke do not make much of an impression on each other, but later realize that they met is not accidental. I've never been in France, but I love all the French, cinema, music, women, wine, and, if I were a director, then his love for this is not my native country, I expressed would certainly here in the same movie, beautiful, cheerful, fragrant and sunny. Lawrence Kezdanu managed to cook it kinoblyudo brilliant and perfect proportions, mix it fun and intriguing plot, kind and witty humor, a non-trivial romantic line and a variety of interesting and colorful characters. Oscar-winning American Kevin Klayn ( "Sophie's Choice," "Slavery") adequately played mustachioed Frenchman Luc dreams of his own vineyard, and me personally, he was very surprised and pleased when this was new for the comedy and romantic roles. Adorable Meg Ryan ( "When Harry Met Sally," "You've Got Mail"), is reduced in the 90's all the men crazy, played here one of his most memorable roles, and every time reviewing this film, I give up without a fight in front of her magic attraction and talent. Timothy Hutton ( "Ordinary People") perfectly fit in this film as windy Charlie, her husband Keith, well, a special highlight was the participation of a luxury here nosed Frenchman Zhana Reno ( "Aliens," "The Big Blue"), who played the romantic inspector Cordon. "1 + 1" also recently hit fans will find here and Fransua Klyuzo ( "Paris", "Do not tell anyone"). "French Kiss" - an everlasting movie, created for fun and dreams - necessarily ever going to Paris and not die by chance.

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