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You are dangerous if you're different

Download movie Divergent for free.

Movie Length: 2:23

Genre: Horror Action Adventure Fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Neil Burger

Actors: Sheylin Vudli Kate Winslet, Maylz Teller, Teo Dzheyms, Ray Stevenson, Eshli Dzhadd, Meggi Kyu, Dzhay Kortni, Zoe Kravitz, Ansel Elgort, Toni Golduin

Budget: $ 85 million

Year: April 10, 2014

download Divergent

Free download Divergent movie. The action develops in the world in the future, tyrannical Chicago. Society was divided into 5 fractions in the hope that it will help to prevent conflicts. From now on, every young person should join one of the main qualities - sincerity, renunciation, fearlessness, friendliness or erudition. But every rule there are exceptions. Those in whom the combination of different qualities, called the Divergent. They are strong and unmanageable. They are - a serious threat and… dangerous target.

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Our Review:

Another film adaptation of the best-selling overseas, designed for impressionable young ladies. After a devastating war society is divided into five factions: Sincerity, Renunciation, fearlessness, friendliness and Bursaries. Before the solemn initiation, when teenagers make their choice and for all move to one of the factions, each of which runs a special test to analyze the existing tendency. Beatris Prayor (Sheylin Vudli) is Divergent - a man who has the same highly developed qualities of all five. She joins the ranks of Courage where paramilitary training begins in adulthood. Its main task - not to fall in the number of expelled ( "Losers" are on the street) and keep the secret of his true nature. "Divergent" - another attempt to find a lucrative Hollywood franchise for the younger audience, happily ensured the box office record saga "Twilight" and waiting for the end of "The Hunger Games." Retained in this case, and a key part of such projects: adventure girl (Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen convey her greetings and good luck) are an adaptation of the novel of a young American writer (Stefani Mayer and Syuzen Kollinz shake hands counterpart), of course, became an international bestseller. But as you know, by themselves these components to produce results in the past can not guarantee the success of a new beginning, but can only intrigue viewers, requiring continuation of the banquet. In this sense, the film Nila Bergera, director of interesting and original, is an example of good intentions, which often give birth does not go where it was planned originally. Having a good social background is fiction, "Divergent" is not even trying to pretend to be something more. Unhurried drama is here reduced to the expectation of a kiss between the main character and her lover, the inevitability of which becomes apparent after their first meeting. All the rest - a background that does not hinder the development of this touching, but through artificial love story. Ironically on the subject hardly it makes sense, keeping in mind the plot points of the same "Twilight." The target audience of this kind of films can count on a fair share of fun - it is a pity there is only directed by Berger, forced more than two hours to start talking void.

User's Review:

I am a girl and I liked it. While movies and TV shows do not look girly. The main character is not simply a youngster, while a full-fledged personality with the goals and aspirations. And its purpose is not the boys, and love story. A man goes to his dream, putting their lives in danger, adapts his "I" to sotsiumumu, cruel and inexorable. The protagonist thinks his head, and not dully all the kills, though, and so, too, can. Love story more luck, the help from the outside, protection and support for survival, not pink lace, love - not love, there is a clear sense of strong, committed people. Shooter and shot too. There is a sensible, logical plot, I would say close to reality, sincerity, is the main character with the character, overcoming ourselves, win, happy love story, so that you realize they are all overcome, because they are strong and committed to each other. I have not had such a film.

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