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Den skaldede frisør

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Movie Length: 1:56

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Sweden

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Syuzanna Bir

Actors: Trine dyrholm, Pierce Brosnan, Paprika Steen, Kim Bodnya, Christian Shamburg-Muller, Sebastian Jessen, Molly Blikst Egelind, Stina Ekblad, Bodil Orgenson, Mickey Skill Hansen, Line Kruse

Budget: 5.5 million €

Year: March 7, 2013

Download Den skaldede frisør

Free Den skaldede frisør movie torrent. A romantic comedy about a mature love. Philip handsome, rich and lonely. Ida married, but her husband was fascinated by the other. Soon they will meet at the wedding of their children in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - the Italian Sorrento. Neapolitan sultry night, the scent of lemon trees and inexpressible atmosphere of celebration will help to remember that love - that's all they need.

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Our Review:

Best romantic comedy and romance rolled into one - at least this month for sure. It will be possible to laugh and mourn, and to reflect on their relationship with their families. Ida (Dyurholm), a blonde hairdresser back home ahead of time with bags full of food, and finds her husband on behalf of Life (idle) in a lewd pose with his mistress. However, no matter how it was terrible what happened, Ida considers it his duty to go to the long-planned wedding of his daughter, to be held in one of the most beautiful and romantic places of the world - in the vicinity of Sorrento. At the airport, Ida, hesitated, touches on his typewriter expensive sedan lonely businessman Philip (Brosnan), who arranges a separation in the familiar to every Russian spirit 'you where you're going, where you look. " Ida almost crying and admits that thought about his daughter's wedding. Philip also goes to the wedding - ironically it is the groom's father. And two free adults of middle age together go to sunny Italy. Rename the original movie titles long ago turned into a cultural phenomenon, basically, unfortunately, indicating either the absence of taste, or the lack of imagination in the distributors. It is obvious that the Scandinavian humor of the original title of the Danish film "Bald hairdresser" is unlikely to be properly understood by a wide audience. But really it was impossible to come up with something a little more interesting and a good film than the banal "Love - everything you need"? The more that is not the "Beatles" on the soundtrack of the picture. Although, of course, Pierce Brosnan participate in the romantic comedy in the role of an aging European comic man with the manners of a playboy, but in reality - a boring selfish bourgeois can not but remind the musical comedy Mamma Mia !. In principle, the film focuses on the same audience. He may be losing popular musicals on the part of the soundtrack, but surely shut up for the belt on part of the dialogue and comic staging. However, the director of the film Syuzanna Bir, which received the "Oscar" for the drama "Revenge", and its constant co-writer Anders Thomas Jensen is not so easy to remove just an easy movie. They aspire to the depths of human psychology and exacerbate relations heroes - hairdresser is surely no accident called bald.

User's Review:

Music, nature Italy, acting, especially older ones, and of course, happy end enjoyed our autumn bad weather - rain and snow, slush, sadness. I want to live! Especially inspiring words of Philip that ten minutes of life together, when a man and woman love each other, to be happy enough!

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