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Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love download movie.

Movie Length: 1:58

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.4


Actors: Dzhulianna Mur, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, Stiv Karell, Analeigh Tipton, Dzhona Bobo, Beth Littleford, Dzhon Kerroll Lynch, Kevin Beykon

Budget: $ 50 million

Year: September 22, 2011

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Free download Crazy, Stupid, Love movie. We Cola Weaver (Stiv Kerell), puritanical family man in the age of "a little over forty", not life, and the dream - good job, a beautiful house, great kids and marriage to high school sweetheart. But when Max finds out that his wife, Emily (Dzhulianna Mur) cheated on him and wants a divorce, his "perfect" life quickly falls. Worse, in modern parlance, Cole, who has a couple of decades did not go on a date, this is a sucker. And now, spending all their free time in a bar in a bad mood, unhappy Number becomes a protégé of the charming ( "a little over thirty") player Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). Trying to help Cole to forget his wife and start his own life, Jacob opens his eyes to the many possibilities that stand before him: flirty women, spirits and sense of style that can not be found in a cheap barber shop or store sales.

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Our Review:

All imaginable vicissitudes that can decorate the life of cardiac affection, and a lot of romance in the wise is not quite comedy "This - stupid - love." If the first frame of the film at the restaurant wife in her husband's answer to the question "What will you choose?" Says: "Divorce" - it can be stated with certainty that something will look at least ironic. If even a minute, said my husband (Stiv Karell) comes out at full speed out of the car, so as not to hear the details of the betrayal of said wife (Dzhulianna Mur), it is clear - there will be a comedy. What can we say about the further development of events: under the guidance of a clever pickup artist (Ryan Gosling) abandoned and deceived husband indulges in all serious, while his 13-year-old son languishes with love for 17-year-old babysitter (anal Tipton), and that in turn inconsolably in love with her employer - yes, all of that unhappy husband and the latter-day Don Juan. And do not think that the plot twists that are limited to a polygon. Indeed, among the heroes is no accident claimed - a young lawyer strict rules Hannah (Emma Stone), a sexy teacher Kate (Marisa Tomei) and David Lindhagen (Kevin Beykon), rival in love and a threat to the family hearth. Plain-hand on a film about strong - even too much - male friendship, "I Love You Phillip Morris", directors and screenwriters Glenn Ficarra and Dzhon Rekua confused tangle of love for the glory. And the main advantage of this fascinating story lies in the fact that, despite the apparent predisposition, it is not converted to ha-ha-thriller, where the third extra pop, like a yo-the-box, from behind every corner, and in the climax of all all about all know that leads to the general comic dump. Even despite the fact that the episodes described in the film still exists. Between them quite magically blooms touching, gentle, wise and very life-affirming movie, proclaims - and this is something in our cynical age! - the value of a great and pure love. Hardened womanizer truly falls in love and turns on the light path of monogamy. A nondescript man with a midlife crisis symptoms in the past month is in bed with a large number of women than in his life, but continues to faithfully love their first and only. In adolescents with pubertal love the adult female may have a chance. Do not believe me? And it is necessary. "This - stupid - love", constantly rushing from comedy to the point of farce to serious drama and back, starting with the tar barrels. And the audience, I am sure once again that love is something, really, stupid, without knowing it, starts with an appetite to swallow a spoon of honey romantic.

User's Review:

A film about love, about relationships, about life. A careful selection of the actors, the plot seems to be in this movie, everything is perfect. The main character, Kel Uiver \ Stiv Karell \ seemingly happy family man - two children, a beautiful wife from a school family \ Dzhulianna Mur \, a big house and an SUV from Volvo. What else you ask for? But this wonderful life of Cal collapses in a moment, when his wife is cheating on him. And away ... losing all that he did, Cal meets a young and charming Jacob \ Ryan Gosling \ master pickup, which turns it into a real tempter of women! Cal now, too charming, ready for anything temperamental man, and Jacob the contrary, meeting the girl falls in love, and it seems even settle down, it is Hannah, the daughter of Cal! And all this against the background of dust- love babysitting family Weaver to its head - Cal! No words only emotions! So much laughter, kindness, and love, I personally have not received from any of the film! Definitely worth watching, not like this film just can not!

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