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Download movie Cavemen for free.

Movie Length: 1:27

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.4

Director: Herschel Faber

Actors: Skylar Astin, Camilla Belle, Chad Maykl Myurrey, Dayo Okeniyi, Alexis NEP, Kenny Vormold, Honor Ballesteros, Dzheyson Patrik, Fernanda Romero, Zuleika Silver


Year: April 17, 2014

download Cavemen

Download movie Cavemen for free. A romantic comedy about true love. Playboy in Los Angeles Dean with his best friends lived dissolute life - satisfied lecherous parties, takes the girls for the night, using the sea of ​​alcohol, and getting constantly in funny situations. Once Dean decides to change his life and try to find the true love that is far more difficult than he thought, in modern-day Los Angeles. Nine year old nephew and best friend Tess try to help him find love and best friends in every way interfere with this. Dean begins to understand that true love is much closer than he could have imagined, and he will have to make a choice between the girl that he is perfect and seductive girl of his fantasies. The film "Love, sex and Los Angeles" - the directorial debut of Herschel Faber.

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Our Review:

Tedious romantic comedy about the extremely slow-witted guy who was looking for love, and she was at arm's length. An aspiring writer and part-time bartender in Los Angeles Dean (Skylar Astin) is going to write his first screenplay for what reason no one knows about love, but the thing - love, something he had never experienced before. At least so he explains his creative crisis and sets out to find the woman of his dreams. As long as melancholic Dean disappears at parties with his cynical friends, pick up artist, and can not understand his own feelings - though the viewer is already clear in the eighth minute, who ordained him by fate. And space has to work hard for it: Dean showered signs, to talk to him the dynamics of the subway, flower salesman shoved him bouquets, best friend (Camilla Belle) and tries to kiss her. To stimulate the stalled writer's impulse arises producer tipsy (Dzheyson Patrik) - the magic helper, and even lascivious alpha male friend (Chad Maykl Myurrey) at the decisive moment inferior Woman heroic deadhead. Directed by debutant (and he is the author of the script) Herschel Faber has created a surprisingly flat world, where there are two-dimensional people function, which obediently go to the beaten track of stamps romantic comedies: best friend is a girl dream - when he (finally!) Understands on his way there are obstacles standard; there is a rival, a girl appears from him, but at the right time, they easily have withdrawn, as will be the most unsuitable people; as adjusted personal life, he immediately realized his American dream. Comedy trying to balance on the verge of obscenities and sweet romance, but helplessly falling apart. Inanimate characters entangled in casual sexual relations, act in a dull environment - conditional on cardboard parties where characters speak against the background of a pair of dancing extras and fun atmosphere is not created at all. The abundance of sebaceous conversations and dissolute like attitude of some characters suggests at least some sex scenes, but the movie comes out to be extremely innocent. From the last of these stories about men single in free search story seems so empty and lifeless that even the "Everything But Love" on her background and "That awkward moment" look profound excursions into the romantic part of the lives of men.

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