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Bridget Jones's Baby

Status: all incredibly difficult

bridget Jones's Baby download movie.

Movie Length: 2:03

Genre: Horror comedy

Country: USA, Ireland, UK, France

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Sheron Maguayr

Actors: Renee Zellweger, Patrick Dempsey, Kolin Fort, Emma Thompson, Shirley Henderson, Dzhim Brodbent, Daniel STIS, Dzheyms Kellis, Seliya Imri, Sarah Solemani, Dzhulian Raynd-Tutt, Dzhessika Hayns, Entso Chilenti, Ed Sheeran

Budget: $ 35 million

Year: September 15, 2016

Download Bridget Jones's Baby

Download movie Bridget Jones's Baby for free. It would seem, and career - in the mountain, and the apartment - in the center of London, but it was not Bridzhit Dzhons, if not for its ability to turn out at the wrong time in the wrong place, the wrong man. And now she has no idea who the father of her unborn child: a charming millionaire or well-known lawyer. In short, Bridget Jones very interesting position.

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Our Review:

What all this with Bridget (or Bridget) Jones is challenging British writer Helen Fielding wrote about this character and her amorous adventures of three novels, the events of the first two of them were transferred to the screen. The third movie, which comes out in theaters now, is an independent work, not the adaptation. Company Bridget (Renee Zellweger) in the new film up women's favorite Mr Darcy (Kolin Fert) and a new lyrical hero played by Patrika Dempsi. From the character Hyu Granta got rid of: at the beginning of the tape the audience reported that he died in a plane crash. Why watch production of a new film dealt with Sheron Maguayr, postanovschitsy, who shot the first film of Bridzhit Dzhons and knows exactly what it wants from the audience of the franchise. The third tape about Jones - is a mix of humor, romance and little things in everyday life noted by mark the 40th anniversary of women. And "Bridzhit Dzhons 3" will be remembered thanks to the vivid secondary characters: pay attention to the gynecologist performed sarcastic Emma Thompson or assertive young boss with the manners of hipster, with which the main character of conflicts at work. Why can not watch previous (second) film about Bridget was released in rent for 12 years ago - we can say that the sequel was late a little. Time takes its toll itself Jones and Mr. Darcy has not what the audience remembers them. Firth and did not seem too keen on the film and his character sometimes becomes like a hanger for suits - stylish, but are incapable of emotion. In addition, "Bridzhit Dzhons 3" devastatingly predictable: unlikely someone will guess the name of the man with whom the heroine in the final marry. On the other hand, for someone such predictability would be a plus: in the end, some were waiting for this wedding fifteen years.

User's Review:

After twelve years Bridget returned to her audience. The film is only for those who love this genre, and imbued with the previous two parts. Continued incredibly important story and fully justifies such a long interval between the release of "The Edge of Reason" and the current part. As always easy and not intrusive flow which makes it possible to be happy to spend time in the company of old heroes. Unique Renee Zelveger which crumbled heap of criticism not a drop has not lost its charm and fascination for this time. There was even an impression that the last six years she has been saving his energy to face the viewer in the image of the heroine, who once earned her immense popularity. Visibly emaciated, refreshed Rene brought something new to the image of "plump" Bridget. By the way, this time she refused to gain extra weight for filming in the film that once improved the story for me. Colin Firth had doubts about the filming of the third part, whether the "child Bridzhet Dzhons," he doubted would be so successful film, but when he learned that Rene will take part in the film all doubts faded into the background. It's nice that the cast remains the same, with the exception of Hyu Granta. In some places it is certainly very lacking, but the writers skillfully get out of this situation, I would say, a virtuoso unscrew given its lack of isolation. Patrick Dempsey perfectly joined in the top three, he set off wonderfully seasoned but very sensual Darcy. The film managed to take in the spirit of the previous installments, viewing time has flown not noticeable all the same cute humor and mental attitude. I would like to openly happy for Bridget: she looks great, she has a great job, and two great guys who are willing to be the father of her child. All who were waiting for what will end the relationship between the charming Jones and Darcy gladly appreciate the isolation, which turned out no worse than the background of the novel.

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