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Angélique, marquise des anges

Download Angélique, marquise des anges full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:53

Genre: Horror History Adventure

Country: France

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Ariel Zeitoun

Actors: Nora Arnezeder, Zherar Lanven, Tomer Sisley, Simon Abkarian, David Cross, Metyu Buzhena, Migel Herts-Kestranek Julian Vaygend Rainer Friebe, Florence Coste, Mathieu Kassovitz

Budget: 15,750,000 €

Year: January 9, 2014

Download Angélique, marquise des anges

Angélique, marquise des anges download movie. Adventure melodrama about the difficult fate of the independent and proud girl. France XVII century. Young beauty Angelica married off to Count de Peyrac, which has a huge state and slyvuschego sorcerer. Initially Angelique hates her husband, but gradually comes to realize that the harsh exterior is a charming, kind, sensitive and fair man. Between spouses breaks true love, but the idyll is short-lived. The film "Angelica, Marquise of Angels" - the film adaptation of the novel by Anne and Serzha Golon.

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Our Review:

A new adaptation of the first novel, Anne and Serzha Golon, risk to plunge into shock fans of the literary original and legendary Bernard Borderie films. Young Angelique (Nora Arnezeder), the daughter of an impoverished but noble Baron de Sens from Poitou, sold in marriage to the neighboring province of Languedoc, where it meets with the horror of his newfound wife - an elderly, crippled, disfigured with scars of Count de Peyrac (Zherar Lanven). But some time later, stubborn girl imbued with human qualities wise husband - raw oligarch and live a happy family life. She is unaware that in its wake are the people of the Prince de Conde - as a child, Angelica learned a terrible secret conspiracy against the king's life. Idyll is interrupted by the appearance of the castle of the young Louis XIV, whose political schemers Peyrac force to arrest and put him in the Bastille. Angelica rushes to the aid of her husband arrives in Paris and puts his life terrible danger. It turns out that the court in France is subject to no law, and political orders, and independent of the successful entrepreneur can destroy just because they can not control his business. It is difficult to say whether the creators tried a new film adaptation of podgadat access to the rental of the picture to the output of Mihaila Hodorkovskogo from prison, but in any case, these allusions are not added to the film entertaining. Maybe if the director Ariel Zeitoun - Tunisian origin - turned immediately to the film adaptation of the later "Angelica in Barbary," fared would be much better. Arabic flavor could awaken in his heart homesickness and add to the moving picture of real life. But Zeitoun started with the first book, which was clearly not his teeth. First depressing moment - it is certainly casting. Nora Arnezeder plays a very different woman than the one that was described on the pages of Anne and Serzha Golon. And I can not believe that it will be possible to someday sell for 20,000 sequins. With men the situation is even worse - they all, except Peyrac, resemble each other like twins from the tube, depressingly impersonal and utterly neharizmatchny. But most upsetting is that logical and perfectly written out the history of Anne and Serzha Golon significantly rewritten writers and these changes obviously did not go to her advantage. Perhaps, like the movie would be quite digestible historical average film, though it was not a blockbuster character, which is due to the unique Mishel Merse uneven breathing a huge viewership of our country. It is clear that at this picture viewers will - play a role the magic of the story, but what they see, that's the question. Therefore, if the interest is still overpower common sense, film enthusiasts are invited completely ignore the read-seen before. And forget about the fact that the historical genre is experiencing today is not the best of times.

User's Review:

Not like the movie. An hour later viewing could not wait for the end of the turbidity. I expect more. Why it is considered that in the XXI century. this film can be removed much steeper. With a choice of actress for the role of Angelica is debatable. Yes, beautiful, but to the most beautiful in France. But this, of course, is subjective. However, in relation to Mishel Merse such thoughts did not occur. Actors men, in fact, all faceless and similar. If Nicolas add curls - is a cousin of Philip, and vice versa. I usually do not notice kinolyapy, but if noticed that the dog named Sorbonne - male, so it was quite boring. Indeed, some of the movies is better not to make a copy. Even "The Hobbit" has hooked more.

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