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The Possession of Michael King

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Movie Length: 1:23

Genre: Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.7

Director: David S. Jung

Actors: Sheyn Dzhonson, Ella Anderson, Cara Pifko, Crystal Alvarez, Tomas Arana, Lyuk Beyns, Deyl Dikki, Cullen Douglas, Maykl Rey Escamilla, Ramon J.. Farrington


Year: September 4, 2014

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Free The Possession of Michael King movie torrent. Mockumentary horror. In documentary filmmaker who does not believe in neither God nor the devil, his wife dies. He decides to make a film about religion and spiritualism, and to prove that the whole mystique - it's just a fiction. During filming, he met with demonology necromancers and occultists who experience it the darkest and most powerful spells. These rituals evoke the unknown and uncontrolled forces of evil. The film "Obsession Michael King" - directorial and screenwriting debut of David Jung.

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Our Review:

Debutant David Jung took the horror with a curious complication and banal finale. "Obsession Michael King" - the horror, staged by David Young on his own script. The film is made in a hackneyed way mockumentary - that is, the audience talk about what happened, using the materials allegedly captured on surveillance cameras and other such devices. What happened next: Samantha (Cara Pifko), the wife of the protagonist of the picture, was killed in an accident, leaving Michael (Sheyn Dzhonson) and her little daughter Ellie. Before the incident, the family had intended to go on a trip, but this idea was abandoned on the advice of fortune tellers, are accessed by Samantha. It made Michael suggests: nothing bad would have happened if not for the prediction card and other "magic" nonsense. Therefore, Johnson's character takes on shooting documentary designed to expose Voodoo, mediums and other charlatans. While working on the film, Michael intends to try to imagine a variety of rituals - by his logic, none of them does not work. However, after a couple of visits to the Satanists and the necromancer, as well as receiving two doses of psychedelic drugs, Michael begins to hear strange noises - and indeed notes that the reality around him gradually transformed. Mockumentary horror many viewers already tired - and even speaking, not even a little bit, but very strong. But they continue to shoot - at least for the reason that most of them are pretty cheap and, as a result, pay off. In addition, anything new coming up is not required: the house, the corners of the camera, something flew, something fell, he turned on the TV, but shows the static. Driving in general, it is understandable. Nevertheless, "Michael King Obsession" begins very cheerfully. Last but not least it is a merit of Johnson actor: he quite naturally plays a man to whom you can really feel the affection. In addition, Michael quite sarcastic, so trips to the necromancers and Satanists can be seen even some comedic elements (speech, however, is a pretty black comedy). The first half an hour give us hope that the "obsession" still somewhat surprised - but no, then the picture was taxiing on the tarmac road. Moreover, the film is so manipulative finale that for Jung even becomes somehow uncomfortable. Here, however, should take into account that the "obsession with Michael King" - David Young's debut. Perhaps the next picture cinematographer develop their most interesting and promising ideas and relieve the horror that will change the presentation of the genre. However, it is likely that Jung will go exactly the same way as his directorial debut, that is rolled out to the tarmac road and start churning out similar to each other cheap horror.

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