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The Other Side of the Door

there was no need to open it

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Movie Length: 1:36

Genre: Horror

Country: India, United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 5.3

Director: Johannes Roberts

Actors: Sara Ueyn Callies, Dzheremi Sisto, Javier Boteti Logan Kreran, Dzhaks Malkolm, Suchitra Pillai-Malik, Sofiya Rosinski


Year: February 25, 2016

Download The Other Side of the Door

Free download The Other Side of the Door movie. The idyllic life of a young family abroad was tragically interrupted by the death of a young son. Inconsolable mother learns of the existence of an ancient ritual that allows you to return the dead time to say goodbye to them. She goes to an abandoned temple, where the doors are a portal between the worlds of the living and the dead, but ignores a warning not to open up the mysterious gates. And now no one knows what will happen to our world after the disturbance of the balance of life and death.

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Our Review:

Horror "On the other side," is able to surprise the audience unless unusual locations British filmmaker Johannes Roberts and a half decades writing and puts horror, usually goes unnoticed. "On the other side" - his new work, which is likely, too, will be forgotten soon after the premiere. Number of years ago, an art dealer, Michael (Dzheremi Sisto) and his wife Mary (Sara Ueyn Callies) decided to move to India. There's always warm, the sea nearby, in addition, Michael, in any case, often flew to work in Mumbai. In India, the couple had a son, Oliver, then daughter Lucy. When the oldest child was about six, he was killed in a traffic accident. The maid Peaks (Suchitra Pillai-Malik), seeing the suffering mother, Mary advised to go to the temple, lost in Indian forests. According to the legend on the temple steps necessary to scatter the ashes of the dead - and that night the soul climbs onto the porch to talk with the living for the last time. Important in this ritual - in any case not to open the door and not let the departed inside. Pretty easy to guess how events unfolded then. If very briefly, the tape Roberts - it is something like "Pet Sematary" with an exotic touch. Exotic - in the locations themselves, and not in the plot: after all, not every European horror film backgrounds are Mumbai, Indian trains and rainforests. This adds a drop of originality of the film, but on the whole picture desperately needs something new and fresh. Even not so important whether the film has turned out terrible Roberts (actually not), then another primary: with the exception of scenery, "Beyond the Door" is no different from any other modern mainstream horror. The ingredients are the same, they are mixed in the same proportions: samoigrayuschee piano, prophetic dreams, not quite adequate behavior of the characters, "unexpected" horror stories and, finally, the main character in the performance is not outstanding, but it triggers the confidence of the actress. You can not even say that it is a bad tape (final, albeit predictable, arouses sympathy precisely because of its consistency), it's just completely normal. Frankly, a private tour to India, devoid of paranormal component, will certainly cause more excitement than shown Roberts communication session with the other world.

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