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The Grudge 2

Free download The Grudge 2 movie.

Movie Length: 1:42

Genre: Horror

Country: US, Japan

IMDB rating: 5.0

Director: Takashi Shimizu

Actors: Amber Tamblyn, Edison Chen, Arielle Kebbel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Takako Fuji, Sarah Roemer, Mettyu Nayt, Misako Uno, Teresa Palmer, Oga Tanaka

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: October 19, 2006

Download The Grudge 2

Download movie The Grudge 2 for free. Two girlfriends - Vanessa and Miyuki - are new to the school girl Ellisson in "the most cursed house in all of Japan." Once upon a time there lived a family, but the father has gone mad and killed his wife, son and even the cat. Since then, the house is a curse that spares no one. The city is a legend that the corpse of his wife a man wrapped in a bag and left in the attic, and every one who looks back, waiting for death. Miyuki and Vanessa Allison lock on this loft… Some time later, a ruthless curse abandoned house in Tokyo chooses a new victim - sister still managed to save the girl.

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User's Review:

With the second "curse" from the creators get almost the same as that of the first. Creepy but not scary; twisted, but not fascinating. People are still dying from the meeting with the crazy little family, and no one can stop it. Although the second part is still a little more Hollywood, and it pleases, as the original Asian (especially the second part) is simply awful. From one view it slides down the roof with an attic and a satellite dish. No curse is not so terrible if you stood watching the original. Therefore, I can safely say that in the case of "The Grudge 2" turned out candy. Of course, not as tasty as "Call", but still edible. Participation in the sequel, Sarah Michelle Gellar and unforgettable roar psychologist added one score. So, the 5 + 1.

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