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The Forest

Everyone comes here in search of a way

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Movie Length: 1:35

Genre: Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 4.8

Director: Jason Zada

Actors: Natalie Dormer, Owen Meken, Stephanie Vogt, Noriko Sakura, Yozef Aoki, Juho Yamashita, Taylor Kinney, Gen Seto, Terry Diab, Yuriri Naka

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: January 14, 2016

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Free The Forest movie torrent. Young American Sarah goes in search of twin sister, who mysteriously disappeared on the Japanese island of Honshu. Her search leads to the foot of Mount Fuji, in a mysterious forest, which is notorious. Sarah had no idea that she comes into the murky world of ghosts, evil and tortured souls who prey on anyone who wanders by their gloomy forest.

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Our Review:

Beautifully shot, but built on the banal cliches of horror film, which takes place in the Japanese forest at the slope of Mount Fuji Sarah (Natalie Dormer) is not the first time worrying about the fate of her daring twin sister Jess (Natalie Dormer). Her husband is annoying, and he persuades her not to worry unnecessarily, but she otherwise could not - she feels the inner connection with her sister. And they do not worry, when the girl had gone to faraway Japan to teach English, do not appear to work and did not return calls. Japanese colleagues keep silent, and the Japanese police said quite frightening news - Jesse seen entering the forest Aokigahara, where the Japanese traditionally take their own lives. "Obviously, she's dead, and further search is meaningless," - categorically inform the Japanese cops stunned Sarah. Despite regular exhortations of her husband ( "yes all right, yes it without you there, but you, the main thing, do not worry"), Dormer flies to Japan and to communicate with colleagues and pupils sisters sent to Aokigahara. In principle, this is a tourist place, however, in the basement of the hotel kept the bodies pulled out of the thicket suicides, and as one convinced in any case does not go off the trail. The bar Sarah meets Australian Travel journalist Aiden (Taylor Kinney), who agrees to help her sister in search for interesting material for an article. Suffice it original, fresh idea promises at least an interesting picture, and the first work of director Jason Zada ​​seems just that. Invariably attractive Japanese flavor and the ability to use a rich tradition and trivial horror of the rising sun, however, were hardly used by a quarter. Intriguing tie slightly stalled due to too much boring husband's character, obsessive and absurd to try to calm her in a really frightening situation when a loved one concern should be divided, and not shy away from it. But then the matter becomes even worse. The film is filled with the most hackneyed cliches-Screamer, who bored in this genre is already worse than a bitter radish. How can you beat the viewer over his eyes and ears? It is a long time not scary. As rolled up in dirty rags walking dead and ugly old women in white underwear. Well at least that beautiful picture with a Japanese flair and dignity (for so weak drama) plays Natalie Dormer make viewing the tape is not a meaningless exercise. And the cognitive element in the picture is available, because the forest Aokigahara actually exists, and it really is famous for paranormal. Though not dead, but a hardware failure and strange visions, which are visited by tourists astray.

User's Review:

Sarah goes in search of her twin sister Jess, who has once again trying to end his life by some original suicide leaves in the forest. The forest is located in the country of Japan, in which Jesse moved to operate an English teacher. Forest mysterious and unusual, full of fear, victims and unpredictability. There's a lot of years of years people have killed themselves, the forest is full of misery, loneliness and sadness. Few managed to get out of there alive, but she wants to find her sister, because they are one piece and feel each other very thin, but it is unclear journalist lonely souls and old wounds replay the whole story. Some people think that this is the everyday story of modern horror films, but no. The film, in fact, it makes sense, and especially deep psychological significance. After sister went to incredible action with respect to the other, on a normal average person I never would disagree. She showed heroism that can not be said about her twin. In this capacity, it is the essence of the story. A psychological side is behind by a forest and its horror. Japanese conductor was right - all the horrors in the mind of man, and to overcome them can only be understood in itself. Thoughts give rise to the imagination and the person can begin to see not exist in reality things. People are starting to go crazy and see hallucinations simply because it firmly believed in the existence of a vision. The whole plot of the film, its actors at the height except for minor details. Well, that's why Sarah went into the woods to ballet flats? And it was possible to develop the role of the journalist, but then so it is not clear that he was hiding in reality? Or its role is only to show that a person can go into a frenzy of murder? Overall, an excellent movie.

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