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Friday the 13th

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Movie Length: 1:37

Genre: Horror

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Marcus Nispel

Actors: Dzhared Padaleki, Amanda Ridzhetti, Derek Mears, Danielle Panabaker, Travis Van Winkle, Aaron Yoo, Dzhonatan Sadovsky, Dzhulianna Guill, Ben Feldman, Arlen Eskarpeta, Ryan Hansen

Budget: $ 19 million

Year: February 12, 2009

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Download Friday the 13th full movie for free. A group of young guys decide to spend a weekend in nature and goes to Crystal Lake. The relaxing ambiance by the fire one of the guys tells all about the horror stories of the camp at the lake, where 30 years ago there were violent and bloody events. But no one believes him, considering these stories conventional bikes. A couple Mike and Whitney decide to retire to the forest and find there is an abandoned house. Curiosity overpowers and they decide to look inside. But this legend come alive in the form of Jason Voorhees - murderous maniac in a hockey mask, armed with machetes.

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Our Review:

Utopshy in Crystal Lake for a long time the boy grew up in an imposing man with okay sitting on the face of the hockey mask, and regularly scares viewers for many consecutive Fridays. Sometimes, his duties shall be mom, sometimes by the nature of the activities it has to deal with a comrade-in-arms - Freddi Kryugerom. But to see something really new in the small hole mask Jason Voorhees only by real enthusiasts. They were Marcus Nispel ( "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Pathfinder") and a group of the same enthusiastic producers. Based on the original legend ( "Camp Crystal Lake" frivolous counselors drowned boy, vengeful mother), but not too much going into the story (the story of the sad childhood, as in "Hellovin" Rob Zombie, fortunately, will not), they arranged hilarious remake, ie weekend to two groups of young tourists - with a difference of six weeks. The first company that is caught in the forest for collection of cannabis and sex in the tent, otmuchalis quickly, the second stop in a solid country house, tried to defend themselves, which greatly entertained and Voorhees, and spectators. Buxom young people dying beautiful and original - at least for the "Friday the 13th". Voorhees thoroughly prepared for the meeting uninvited guests: it's great for sport shooting archery, masterfully throwing axes, waiting patiently in ambush and deftly drawn with agricultural equipment that, in the end, and it fails. A standard set of victims of the average geek (boy-major, two girls, stupid, one girl - darling, a brash husky) diluted Charming Asian humorist and cheerful black talker who tortured his group conversations and antics, long before the advent of Voorhees. Where possible, their presence gives a picture of what is lacking in most horror - irony and black banter. As far as we can see, Nispel consciously goes beyond the "Friday" genre. There was a greater quality of fiction writer, and the theme of the beautiful sex (and most of those which you immediately think) almost completely uncovered. More interesting pictures, which tends to linger eye. And most importantly, more jokes and normal such human conversations, that, oddly enough, also gives already knows what the account "Friday" unexpected originality.

User's Review:

Welcome to Crystal Lake The long-awaited return of Jason Voorhees got restarting the franchise, having incorporated the first three parts of the original, and removing them in a new way. While leaving room for style prequel "Friday the 13th: The Beginning" and to continue, judging by the elegant ending of the film. At the beginning of all, I want to draw attention to the fact, who returned that same Friday in theaters. The creator of the best "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Marcus Nispel worked naslavu removing 12th film about Jason in its original and inimitable style. Nispel directing very strong, pressing, showing the horrors of their different parties, ranging from murder, ending nasty situation mines, rats and other scary moments. Kills in the film very much, and not too easy to guess who will actually make it to the end. Many deaths were very sudden and unexpected. The film is filled with an abundance of sharp moments, frightening the audience in the best traditions of slasher. Just met osnovyne key elements: in the film, a lot of suspense, the abundance of nude scenes, a sea of ​​blood and charismatic maniac. Slasher turned out not as a reference, as "in the best traditions of the genre"In principle all got exactly what we expected, enjoying the innovation in the franchise, the original restart of the first three films, and quite colorful dismemberment, for the sake of which the slasher and go. But here to say that Nispel has surpassed its same "Texas Massacre" fully impossible. Even despite the fact that the new Friday turned out almost the best in the series. The cast of the play is very realistic and beautiful, character behavior differs quite reasonable logic of action, dialogues and even stupid, but nonetheless quite fit the entire company characters. Youth plays herself, with a share of vulgar jokes, obscene language, the desire to smoke weed, get drunk and have sex. Jason's new image has exceeded all expectations. Definitely, this is the best Jason Voorhees in the history of 13th Friday. Finally it did not killed Rambo nimble, with excellent calculating mind. Jason puts traps, taking captives, archery, ax throwing, doing different traps, stealing kerosene for lighting of mines. Moreover, history itself "drowned boy" slightly altered, making it different. Paying attention and mother of Jason, and the stage of finding a mask, and of course his main attribute - a machete. The new mask is also very pleasant, though in the style of the classic versions, but still special. Effects are also pleasing to the eye. Throughout the film there is so much spectacular and bloody that the brutality of the film is simply amazing. Brutal massacre turned naslavu! A lot of innovations in the original killings, many of which were the best in the series. Impressive visual presentation dismemberment made the film very worst weather. Now to the shortcomings. They have the movie still is, and nothing is impossible for them not to turn a blind eye. The biggest disadvantage of the film - the camera work. Some scenes were filmed twitching the camera, which is absolutely not acceptable for slasher. The camera too quickly slides on the panorama does not therefore see the room and the whole scenery, merging interior sharp gusts. Sometimes shooting a very competent, even admired. But, sometimes it's just annoying camera shakiness. Further, it must be noted that the film is punctuated with a fair share of punches. First regular feature "here does not catch phone". Second, the individual scenes are reminiscent of other horror films in which it was the same. Mines in the movie style "My Bloody Valentine", Jason cave looking like a sequel "The Hills Have Eyes", Here it can be attributed the fact of taking a girl hostage and the concept of the plot, where the end of the characters in these mines and fall. Nispel beat himself made in the prologue, a brief history of his "The Texas Massacre" in style "guys came over grass, and pokromsat bull in a mask". Remake played on chips other remakes by typing the best quote in itself, complementing the originality of ideas and innovations. Music of the film is good, but it is very far from the magnificent sharp violin melodies of the first pieces of the franchise. When the strings like a cut vein, like chalk squeaking on a cutting board eerie sounds. The film lacks just such a design. Just to the sound effects there is one niggle - in the film are very few main "sound" all "Fridays 13th" - ha, ha, ha, WL-WL-WL. It sounds three times for a movie that is extremely small, and in inappropriate places for this sound. That franchise fans greatly upset. The film lived up to expectations, but some elements are still a little spoiled impression. Could still shoot better, but still hope for a sequel. In conclusion I would like only to express their wishes and hopes for the next part: - open the camp, making a remake in the style of the second part. - introduce Tommi Dzharvisa and Crazy Ralph - remove seals and competently approach to camerawork. In general, objectively, the film has turned out better than so many of the previous parts, from what has become virtually the best in the series. Very spectacular, bloody, scary and atmospheric. Required for all fans of slasher and horror movies about maniacs killers. Obviously fans of the series will not be disappointed, something will delight and surprise. Nispel, despite the presence of defects, took still a masterpiece, a great movie in its unique style.

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