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Dark Touch

Download movie Dark Touch for free.

Movie Length: 1:30

Genre: Horror

Country: Ireland, France, Sweden

IMDB rating: 4.8

Director: Marina De Van

Actors: Missy Marie Keating, Marcella Plunkett, Padreyk Delaney, Charlotte Flivholm, Stiven Uoll, Robert Donnelly, Syuzi Pauer, Richard Dormer, Katrin Uolker, Olga Wehrli

Budget: 2,729,542 €

Year: November 28, 2013

Download Dark Touch

Download movie Dark Touch for free. Paranormal horror. The house, situated on the outskirts of the village, one night begin to happen horrible things, as a result of which killed its owners - a married couple and brother 11-year-old girl. Niamh itself survives and tells the police that this is the house itself had killed her parents. But the guards, of course, do not attach importance to her and believe that the crime was committed by local vandals. "Kiss mommy at night" - the third film director and screenwriter Marina de Van, known for working with François Ozon.

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Our Review:

Elegantly shot horror about an eleven-year girl, which happened in a whirlwind of supernatural events in the style of "Carrie" by Stephen King. Strange things happen in the new house a little Neve: dishes shaking, furniture moves by itself, the electricity is turned off and threatening. Finally, after some elegant hint of the terrible family secrets carousing paranormal satisfied bloody massacre and kill their parents Neve and her younger brother. While the adults are trying to find a rational explanation for what has happened, compassionate neighbors take Niamh to her and surround her with love and care. But when a poltergeist gets to a new home, and then to a children's holiday, which called Neve, it becomes clear that the case in the girl and that she inflicted injury is too deep and its ability - are much higher than average. Marina De Van, who started as a co-writer for the films Fransua Ozona, the one that Ozone called his "feminine counterpart", once made everyone talk about himself very intimate and provocative film debut "In my skin." It was a film about how the heroine accidentally get hurt, trying to feel the reality of his body, cutting off pieces of skin, eating and drinking their own blood. Then there was a more mainstream, "Do not Look Back" - again an existential metamorphosis now - layered and atmospheric horror about an eleven-year girl who was subjected to the perverse violence from the people closest to the adult world and returns experienced by her inhuman horror. A story that begins as just another story about the house with strange, suddenly turns into a sinister drama of the crippled child. Moreover, it is not only the explicit violence, but, as shown invert scene where Niamh and her two assistants play adults, and adults - children, the violence hidden when parents manage to humiliate and torture of children in a thousand small ways. This happens unconsciously, passed on from generation to generation and can be played in any family, so responds to the viewer deep irrational terror as masterly srezhisirovannym De Van.

User's Review:

No need to be a film critic to understand that the reel of film is too dark and gloomy. Events developed as a slow, tight. The film is simply not interesting to watch, he literally tight. These scenes a la "Mirrors" mediocre, banal, uninteresting, not new and ugly, ie sucks (not abusive, but in a deep cinematic sense)! Before me, someone called the film "elegant", and so - absolutely nothing elegant, but on the contrary, we have still fairly restrained in the description of the movie, not to apply to it is not elegant turns of phrase. I did not see the slightest attempt to intrigue the viewer, to show something interesting, keep at the screen to give us something. Individuals do not express the actors. There really is not any horror or mystery or thriller or psychological - nothing. The result of this - until the middle of the video sequence, I have repeatedly crossed, and the middle was forced to give up the view. I do not recommend, or spend time twice: first in search of free oplayn-view, and then to view more minutes 20. But if you spend your money and buy the DVD, about any respect for you can not be out of the question.

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