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Free Whiplash movie torrent.

Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Drama musical

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.5

Director: Damien Shazell

Actors: Maylz Teller, JK Simmons, Paul Reiser, Melissa Benoyst, Austin Stowell, Nate Lang, Chris Mulkey, Damon Gapton, Maks Kesh, Syuann Spouk

Budget: $ 3.3 million

Year: October 23, 2014

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Download Whiplash full movie for free. Musical drama about the difficult road to success. Andrew wants to become great. It would seem on the verge of his dream will come true. The young man notices a genius, the conductor of the orchestra in the country better. Andrew desire to succeed quickly becomes an obsession, and ruthless mentor continues to push him farther and farther - beyond human capabilities. Who will be the winner of this fight? "Obsession" film received the Grand Prix at the Independent Film Festival "Sundance" in January 2014.

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Our Review:

Drama on the road to success budding young musician, solved in the spirit of a sports movie with endless workouts and severe type of coach Tarasov from "Legends №17». Infantile diligent student of the Conservatory, attending film screenings with dad, batters the drums in the night. In the rehearsal room comes the teacher, then the student begins career took off. In order to succeed in a rigorous maestro, drummer tosses with difficulty found the girl and pounding on drums with redoubled energy. A teacher practicing sadistic training measures to achieve the perfect sound of a jazz orchestra. In the battle of good with the best teacher and conductor with the manners of the company commander sergeant not only shine charisma, but also satisfied with the competitive battle between the three formulations. For some reason, only percussion section. Not coping with a hard regime, the fight for the title of hero of the first issue of an accident, runs to the concert bloody, but trying to beat sticks skeet. And when cruel mentor chases away a loser - she attacks him with his fists. Nervous breakdown, a fine spiritual organization. After deductions for insubordination student gives evidence to the master, which exclude from the school. But there is an unexpected meeting, and a good conductor of calling his former pupil to play in Carnegie Hall, where the public does not forgive mistakes. Nemudryaschy plot of "Obsession" brightens only game mentor and innovator JK Simmons -. It looks like a sadistic army and large plans (which in the film - the majority) looks fine. The rest of the creators of the film do not believe at once and the final. The transformation of paste into a hero and a leader is not justified by anything. Blood flowing from the drummer's finger during a grueling rehearsals, immediately reminiscent of the militants with Jean-Claude Van Damme and is calculated on the relevant target audience. And for a little more discerning viewers exhausting workout to blood omen of art are by no means. And indeed, what he did to the Infante to the conservatory admission, unless there is corn on sticks began to appear? Gratifying, of course, the mere appearance of jazz on the big screen, but the theme song - "Caravan"? Not too big "progress and innovation"? Brightens up the work of a funny phrase: "Those who have no talent, you need to go to the rock band" - but far enough for a full product? And of course, after the film will be long remembered miniature "Ural dumplings" about "Russian Diamonds".

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