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Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy download movie.

Movie Length: 1:20

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 7.1

Director: Kelli Rayhardt

Actors: Mishel Uilyams, Lucy, David Koppel, Maks Klement, Sid Shenli, Deyv Hubner, Will Oldham, Uolli Dalton

Budget: $ 200,000

Year: May 22, 2008 (World)

Download Wendy and Lucy

Free Wendy and Lucy movie torrent. Wendy and Lucy is originally from Indiana. Wendy - a lonely girl who decides to change his life and get a fish processing plant in Alaska. Lucy - her faithful dog. Going on a long journey with a hundred bucks in my pocket, heroes rely only on themselves. Staying in Oregon, they are forced to stay there because of the failure of the machine. Wendy waits for the opening of a single body shop of the entire city and is sent to look for food for Lucy. By his own stupidity she goes to prison, and when it comes out on bail, the dog is no longer in the place where they were forced to say goodbye.

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User's Review:

This is an amazing, smart and around the unusual film has given a wonderful independent film postanovschitsy Kelli Rayhardt ( "Meek's Cutoff," "Old Joy") from a screenplay of his friend Jonathan Raymond ( "Mildred Pierce") in th 2008. At the heart of this story is a young girl named Wendy from Indiana, who travels with his dog Lucy for America in search of work and his place in life, and this time she was going to Alaska because they heard that they need people on the cannery. On the way she suddenly breaks a car in some small and nondescript town in Oregon, where it falls into some unpleasant situations, that is, trying out for lack of money to steal from the supermarket can of food for Lucy, she was caught and sent to the police, and after coming out in a few hours, and pay a fine of $ 50, it tied at the supermarket fellow traveler Lucy mysteriously disappears. Car repair costs money and Wendy will have to for some time to stay in this sleepy town. This independent film is difficult to recommend to all and sundry, but personally to me it made an incredible impression, because under this seemingly simple and unpretentious story about a lonely pilgrim lies very strong drama about a modern people, the callousness and indifference, the generosity, which is now the day the fire you will not find, that man is one and how terrible to live in this wonderful world where everything is, but there is no love and understanding, and everyone wants to survive only as may be, and ready at any moment to step over anyone. The film leaves a depressing sediment and it catches its realism, you're a half hour side by side with Wendy and share its wanderings and experiences, evaluating the situation by passing it through itself, and resting ultimately on the same wall callousness of people that she was. Great discovery for me in recent years and one of my now favorite young American actresses Mishel Uilyams ( "7 days and nights with Marilyn", "Valentine"), three times already Oscar nominee, beauty and a talented girl, exactly and clearly fit in single image, which tries through only its inner strength to survive this is not wild, but definitely an alien and hostile to her world. And that his work Williams has once again proved that it is capable of creating on the screen truly complex character, rivet the attention and get to experience the viewer throughout the film. "Wendy and Lucy" - is sure to touch all fans of unusual and multi-layer film of life without embellishment.

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