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Download movie Wasabi for free.

Movie Length: 1:34

Genre: Drama comedy thriller thriller crime

Country: France, Japan

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Zherar Kravchik

Actors: Jean Reno, Michel Muller, Karol Buke, Yoshi Oida, Christian Sinnizhe, Alexandre Brik, Jean-Marc Montalto, Veronik Balm, Fabio Zeno

Budget: 15.3 million €

Year: August 22, 2002

download Wasabi

Free download Wasabi movie. Hubert Fiorentini works in the French police. Once he learns that the only girl he loved all his life, but had not seen her for 19 years after she left him, died in Japan. Hubert it leaves all his inheritance - $ 200 million and daughter Yumi. After arriving in Japan on the first flight to the lover's funeral, Hubert met with her daughter, but she does not recognize that he is her father. Yumi hunts for the Japanese mafia in order to collect the money, which are on her personal account. Hubert with his old friend, who works in Japan, fighting the Yakuza, and save her daughter. "Wasabi" - a comedy thriller from a screenplay by Luc Besson with Zhanom Reno in the lead role.

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User's Review:

Wasabi - a film for the ages. This film takes the soul ... It includes drama, action, comedy. "Wasabi" The film is very interesting, the picture story raises questions about what is happening. This is the movie that you can watch in a warm family circle. Zherar Kravchik (director of "Wasabi") is perhaps one of the first who decided to shoot the film and to include all. Nowhere, in any of the movies I have not seen anything like this ... Actors stunningly beat his characters, stunningly express emotions, live every moment. Fatherly love, tenderness, kindness - all traits of the hero Hubert Fiorentini. He - French cop. Hubert is trying to pretend unshakable police who can not be persuaded. But within 30 minutes of the film we can see that he has feelings ... He can not forget about his love for the Japanese girl. Upon learning that she was dead and asked Hubert to fulfill her last request, he hastens to Japan. There he first learns of the existence of his daughter and of the lump sum remaining in the account of the Japanese woman he loved. Hubert will spend with her daughter a couple of days before its maturity. He has no idea about what it will be two days. Japanese gang will pursue them in order to get all the money ...

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