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Movie Length: 1:43

Genre: Drama Romance Biography

Country: Belgium, Britain, France,

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Roland Joffe

Actors: Zherar Deparde, Uma Thurman, Tim Roth, Timothy Spall, Julian Glover, Dzhulian Sends, Murray Lachlan Young, Hywel Bennett, Richard Griffiths, Ariel Dombal

Budget: $ 36 million

Year: November 17, 2000

download Vatel

Vatel download movie. France, in 1671. His Majesty the "Sun King" Louis XIV would be willing to pay a visit to the Prince de Conde, and thus plunges the impoverished inhabitants of the estates in the bustle and anxiety - whether they will be able to organize a reception worthy of the highest personages in the kingdom? Of course, will be able, if the cause of the faithful butler will take Prince - great storyteller Fransua Vatel. Giving directions to the right and to the left, he arranges a magical act with an exquisite menu and interesting entertainment. However, as always, the festival with the participation of distinguished guests is not without intrigue, in which he finds himself and the organizer ...

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User's Review:

"Vatel" - classy and colorful costume drama in 2000 by the famous British director Roland Joffe ( "The Scarlet Letter," "The Killing Fields"), remove them from a screenplay Oscar winner Tom Stoppard ( "Shakespeare in Love") and Jeanne LeBron ( "Special attitude ") about the last days of the famous French maitre d 'and chef François Vatel. In the yard in 1671 and France full swing preparing for war with the Netherlands, and therefore the King Louis XIV urgent need to appoint someone to lead the French army. On the role of the commander claimed two of the chief marshal of France Anri De La Tour d’ Auvergne and Prints Lyudovik (Louis) II de Bourbon-Conde. For the Prince de Conde, already old and pretty worn out financially, this appointment is very important, and to regain its position at the court, he decided to arrange a grand reception at Chantilly castle specially for the king. This level of intake under force only to arrange a real master, to whom is Fransua Vatel, an employee at the Conde control. And so, very limited in the media Vatel taken with zeal for this hard business, organizing subsequently luxurious theater performance, and with success, although not without problems affecting two and a half thousand visitors skillful reception at the highest level, producing and King a great impression . In the course of history unfolds the romantic and also Line between Vatel and charming Annoy De Montausier, first maid of honor Chantilly Castle, which also possessed a cunning and calculating the Marquis de Lozen, approached the king and building all sorts of machinations against Vatel. Roland Joffé with his usual good taste to create a truly intriguing and exciting movie about high society of the 17th century, with beautiful costumes (marked nominations for "Saturn" and the scenery for "Oscar"), an amazing and stylish work of Robert operator Fressa ( "Seven years in Tibet"), the atmosphere of dazzling wealth and luxury, and great acting, where the first fiddle is played by one of the most popular actors in France Zherar Deparde ( "Daddy", "Sirano de Berzherak"), which, adding sparkling humor , grave situation etc. ramatizma, tender romance and charm of its firm, created the on-screen image of the great masters of their craft, he gave himself to the head and heart to his favorite cause. Insanely good here and young Uma Thurman ( "Moments of Life", "Be Cool!") In the form of charming Anne de Montausier, muse Vatel, and particularly impressed me personally Tim Roth ( "Lie to Me," "Reservoir Dogs"), elegant and played impressively nasty and slippery Marquis de Lozena. Also liked Dzhulian Sendz ( "Warlock") in the image of the king, and the Englishman Timothy Spall ( "All or Nothing"). Fans of historic movies, inquisitive people and just everyone who loves interesting films about famous people highly recommend this beautiful picture for viewing.

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