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Free download Trance movie.

Movie Length: 1:41

Genre: Drama Thriller Crime

Country: United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 7.0

Director: Denni Boyl

Actors: Dzheyms Makevoy, Vensan Kassel, Rosario Dawson, Danny Sapani, Mettyu Kross, Wahab Sheikh Ahmed, Mark Poltimor, Tappens Midlton, Saymon Kunts, Maykl Sheyffer, Lee Nicholas Harris, Gioacchino Dzhim Kuffaro, Ben Cura, Hamza Dzhitua Sam Creed


Year: April 4, 2013

download Trance

Trance download movie. Crime thriller from director Denni Boyla. Auctioneer Simon conspires with a gang of robbers and organizing the abduction of a unique lot worth millions of dollars. However, the blow to the head he loses any whatsoever memories of what happened. And forget where to hide a valuable painting. Torture elicit no response fails and the leader of the gang decides to hire a therapist, so she could extract information from Simon's brain. As she breaks through the neural protection, the boundary between passion and brutality, reality and fantasy fade altogether ready to evaporate.

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Our Review:

Commercialism and hypnosis were married in the new film Denni Boyla. The auction house. At stake - $ 25 million, which will help out for the painting by Goya. Security alert, all the surprises are provided, all moves are painted. And then there is Vensan Kassel, once the role of bad guy. He has a head McAvoy, who as the good guy and the auction staff selflessly protects the work of art, and tearing claws. There would happen and the crime of the century, and Cassel go with a cocktail on a Mexican beach, but this is only the beginning of the film, so Goya mysteriously disappears and a new candidate Bonnie-and-Clyde McAvoy loses his memory. For quite traditional for criminal action complication in Boyle should be as unconventional and unexpected turns that will have the unfortunate audience several times to change the whole attitude towards the three main characters, and give up all hope for a predictable ending. To the fore in the case of the missing Goya stands subconscious McAvoy, extracted from the depths of the sexy girl hypnotist (Rosario Dawson), at the insistence of Kassel, who had the role of a criminal - a supporter of innovative ways to unleash languages. Reality and pseudoreal sag on one another, more confusing. And at a time when such will learn to distinguish brain activity McAvoy on his unenviable life situation and grope his footing in a viscous story "Trance", Boyle sets in motion the third dimension - the dark-dark past and zapulyaet audience far into space misunderstanding, instead of to explain, to tell and to place on the shelves. So prepare for a total amount of dissatisfaction and rolls over posletitrovyh "and the hell, then? ..". Denni Boyl done his job, took entangled film, and spin, he did not sign.

User's Review:

Interesting film, the main scenario is present! It's important for me. It looked easy and not forced! I advise everyone. Pleased with the cast, a good person is not hackneyed, well though all that I tell you. Go, do not regret. Oh, and do not be distracted, or lose on chick events!

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