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Top Gun

Top Gun download movie.

Movie Length: 1:50

Genre: Drama romance thriller

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.9

Director: Tony Scott

Actors: Tom Kruz, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Entoni Edvards, Tom Skerritt, Maykl Ayronsayd, Dzhon Stokuell, Berri Tabb, Rick Rossovich, Tim Robbins

Budget: $ 15 million

Year: May 12, 1986 (World)

Download Top Gun

Download Top Gun full movie for free. Talented pilot based fighter performed toothy Toma Kruza fell in love with an unassailable flight school teacher. However, in addition to the heat of the love cadet happen to experience the pain of the loss of a friend, and the fire is real, and not training battles. in the category "Best Song" film-winner of the "Oscar".

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User's Review:

"Top Gun" and personally, I remember him on the childhood "Top Gun" was the first big project, who later became a truly iconic and glorified outstanding, in my opinion, and definitely the best director in the genre of Toni Skotta action ( "The Last Boy Scout" "Deja Vu"), in which it is in all its glory and in a big way demonstrated his love for breakneck speed and deafening rovu engines. Remarkably, the producers do not change in time to break the process of filming the director and it could become even Dzhon Karpenter ( "Something") and David Cronenberg ( "The Fly"). This hurricane and rapid film about aviation, his story simple, rivets you to the chair in the first place due to the beautifully and masterfully captured the celestial battles superistrebiteley. Live and therefore the most difficult shooting (Tony Scott, by the way, and in the 2000s continued to shoot only as a minimum of computer graphics - the maximum realism), incredible maneuvers and somersaults, and all this with a budget of 15 million (and this is what is now spending hundreds millions in Hollywood to me it is not clear). In addition, "Top Gun" - it is also a spiritual boy's story of friendship, heroism, strength of the human spirit and mutual assistance, about the eternal human quest to conquer the immense, taken with passion and competitive spirit. This film is much criticized at the time for being too pretentious and straightness, and the fact that many young boys after seeing it knocked come in, flight school has given many reasons to think that this movie was commissioned by the state. In my opinion, the film is absolutely sincere and honest to the audience, and I, as a teenager, too, dreamed of a heavenly romance, and "Top Gun" for half an hour in my this life threw, but if we talk about some kind of advertising the armed forces, then it is made at the highest level, and for example our filmmakers with their "Kadetstvo" and other propaganda creations certainly have a lot to learn. "Top Gun" is notable for the fact that the world has opened a new superstar in the face Toma Kruza ( "Mission: Impossible," "Vanilla Sky"), for whom this project has become a powerful impetus and brought him to the big stars. He played here is very inspiring, confident and charging the viewer's energy. In addition to Cruise is flashed in fact many future stars such as Val Kilmer ( "The Salton Sea"), Entoni Edvards ( "ER"), and in small roles can be seen even Tim Robbins ( "The Shawshank Redemption") and Meg Ryan ("Letter for you"). For the excellent music for this film, and in particular for the song Take My Breath Away major film composer 80 Dzhordzho Moroder got his third "Oscar" and the third "Golden Globe", and the film was nominated in the 87th mainly sound effects. Now after 26 years, this duhopodemnaya tape does not lose its charm, staggering and continues to conquer new generation of viewers. Bravo, Tony Scott !!!

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