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The Whole Nine Yards

Download The Whole Nine Yards full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:38

Genre: Drama Romance Crime Comedy Adventure

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 6.7

Director: Dzhonatan Linn

Actors: Bryus Uillis, Mettyu Perri, Rozanna Arkett, Maykl Klark Duncan, Natasha Henstridge, Amanda Peet, Kevin Pollak, Harland Williams, Carmen Ferland, Serge Kristianssens

Budget: $ 41.3 million

Year: May 19, 2010

Download The Whole Nine Yards

Free download The Whole Nine Yards movie. Nicolas Ozeranskaya (or Oz) lives in the upscale suburb of Montreal, and operates a dentist. His life would be a quiet and measured, even in spite of his wife-bitch Sophie, if not familiar with the new neighbor. His name is Dzhimmi Tadeski (or tulip) and it is - a professional killer, once held in Laszlo Gogolak clan, mobsters from Chicago. Once he stole from his boss $ 10 million and moved to the quiet suburb of Montreal, to live in peace on this money. And he did not expect to find here a woman, the wife of Nicolas Ozersk. Anyway, he could not imagine that she wants to pass his former boss…

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User's Review:

The film is wonderful! .. I think like many others, decided to see it because of the presence of Mettyu Perri, who played in the TV series "Friends" inimitable Chandler Bing. And I made the right decision! .. His Nicholas "Oz" Ozeranskaya was the same shkodnym slob! .. In tandem with machomenom Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudesski (Bryus Uillis) looked even more outrageous! Naive, far-from crime predaleky intellectual Oz suddenly find themselves bogged down in the midst of gang squabbling - which of course, itself implies a fun show, but no, this is not enough .. It turns out that it is much less intelligent wife decided to drive for a long time in the coffin of the faithful through! assassins, one of whom works in Oz secretary and simply can no longer raise his hand against a defenseless creature like him. The wife does not give up, and all new hires "orderlies forests", and Oz, meanwhile, suspecting nothing, she admonishes the flies take bandit Jimmy Tulip - his newfound friend and neighbor. Where he met with Mrs. tulip, and just loses her head in a figurative sense, and seriously risk losing forward. The film is full of so many scrapes, for this so funny to watch, and at the first viewing absolutely have no idea what to expect next. I recommend View / revise all! ..

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