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The Straight Story

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Movie Length: 1:52

Genre: Drama biography

Country: US, UK, France

IMDB rating: 8.0

Director: David Lynch

Actors: Richard Farnsworth, Sissi Speysek, Garri Din Stanton, Kevin P. Farley John Farley, Dzheyms Keda, Donald Wigert, Dzheyn Gellovey Heytts, Uayli Harker, Joseph A. Carpenter, Tracey Maloney, Dzhek Uolsh, Everett McGill

Budget: $ 10 million

Year: April 28, 2000

Download The Straight Story

Download The Straight Story full movie for free. 73-year-old farmer discovers that his elder brother, with whom he once had a row hard, sick and goes to visit a relative of ... on the mower. Vehicle - perhaps the only oddity in this film directed by the strangest of modernity. The rest is really just a good story and an old man who goes on the road and talking with all the counter. Nominated for the "Oscar" for Farnsworth Actor.

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User's Review:

This film is the most unusual and embossing of all work is known in all circles kinomanskih cult American director David Lynch ( "Twin Peaks," "Wild at Heart," "The Elephant Man"). There really no mystery, schizophrenic characters, monsters, freaks, puzzles, surrealism, Lory Palmer and the one who killed her, nothing with which we habitually associate Lynch. This film is like no other to its name, and this story is really simple, but only at the first superficial glance. This film is put on a real case, when in 1994 a certain Elvin Streyt at the age of seventy-three years, made a six-week trip from Iowa to Wisconsin on an old lawnmower (due to the age of a driver's license to drive anything else he was long gone ) to see my brother Lyle, with whom he had decided to make peace after a long quarrel and which recently had a stroke. The film is very quiet and in a good slow (as probably mower protagonist develops a speed of 7-8 km / h), the contemplative and simply beautiful, unless of course you enjoy scenery of the American heartland, filled with beautiful country tunes from the composer's constant Lynch Angelo Badalamenti. The genre is a kind of philosophical road-movie, where the viewer throughout the film travels from the old Alvin on the roads of America, meeting different people, pleasant and not very much, getting into all sorts of road woes, and invariably grasping for themselves many important truths, and of course the main message, you are alive and capable of much, until your head has bright thoughts and my heart still beats. Real Alvin State died three years after his famous trip, and actor Richard Farnsworth, brilliantly played it died the next year after the release of the film at the age of 80 and years, having had, fortunately, in the same year 2000 visit second time in his life in the nominees for the "Oscar" (the first time he was nominated already in the 79th year for her role in the western "approaching rider"). In "A Simple Story" very harmoniously intertwined sad and funny, it no falsehood nor of a moralizing and pathos, David Lynch, we sincerely and without any double meaning in this work shows that the world is much more than the cell in which we live , you just have to find the strength and the ability to get out of it one day. Generally old Alvin throughout the film a lot of that wise saying, but I especially remember his words about family values, "Once I gave the children of twig and said:" Break it, "they broke them easily. Then I tied a bundle of sticks, but it is no longer able to break, and I told them: "The beam - a family!". Nominated for the "Oscar" in the 2000th, two on the "Golden Globe", nominated for the "Palme d'Or" at the Cannes festival, the prize of the European Film Academy in the 99th, and if it's not even a reason for you to look "just a story" what you generally led to this film?

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