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The Skulls

Download The Skulls full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Drama Thriller Action Crime Horror

Country: US, Canada

IMDB rating: 5.6

Director: Rob Cohen

Actors: Dzhoshua Dzhekson, Pol Uoker, Hill Harper, Leslie Bibb, Kristofer Makdonald, Steve Harris, William Petersen, Craig T. Nelson, David Esmen, Scott Gibson

Budget: $ 15 million

Year: March 27, 2000 (World)

Download The Skulls

Download movie The Skulls for free. Lucas MakNarama - the middle class, managed thanks to its ability to enter a prestigious college, part of the so-called "Ivy League". Gifted student notice in the local fraternity "Skull and Bones" and invited Lucas to pass the tests for entry into the Community. Luke performs all tasks and become a full member of a very prestigious company, which includes only the cream kollezhda. Access fraternity closed to outsiders, and its members are obliged to keep unconditional loyalty and secrecy of everything that is going on inside the box. Luke takes their rules, but soon the college there is an accident, suspiciously reminiscent of the murder. Luke died one and a student suspects that the "Skulls" zamesheny this.

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