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The Resident

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Movie Length: 1:31

Genre: Drama thriller

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 5.3

Director: Antti Jokinen

Actors: Hilari Suenk, Dzheffri Din Morgan, Li Peys, Kristofer Li, Onzhanyu Ellis, Shon Rozales, Deborah Martinez, Sheila Ayvi Treyster Michael Shauers, Nana Visitor

Budget: $ 20 million

Year: August 25, 2011

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Download The Resident full movie for free. Dzhulet Dermer, a doctor, having parted with her husband, looking for a safe place in Brooklyn to start life anew. She thinks that luck smiles at her - inexpensive spacious apartment seems to be just a gift of fate. Yes, and the owner, a lonely and attractive Max adds "value" property. They come together, but Juliet says that is not ready for a serious relationship. However, she does not know that Max - a schizophrenic obsessed with the game of cat and mouse. He follows her and is ready to turn her life into hell.

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Our Review:

After breaking up with her boyfriend Zhyulet Devero (Swank) moves to a new rented apartment, still amazed at the low cost rentals and gallantry homeowner, Max (Morgan). Juliette does not bother the landlord weird grandfather (Kristofer Li), plenty of closets and obscure cubbyhole, unexplained noises, an old castle, which she did not come to change the head. Juliette is located with all amenities, it takes attentions admires carpentry, plumbing and other Max's abilities, even without knowing the danger posed to the moment of introduction. For a long time we did not spoil the pictures, more or less composed of small and large loans. "Driftwood" indecent even to mention, but a detailed analysis of recall and "Amnesia" (drugs in a bottle of wine) and "Fatal Attraction" and even "Color of Night" moment with the nail into the body. In addition to steal part of the plot, similar to anything but the truth, "Trap" shows a fair amount of female logic in the worst sense of the word. Lonely woman on the fleeting sense dictates falls for a man who looked like Havera Bardema and obviously not the easiest character. Rebuffing him at the last moment (at the last, which is possible), it is as if nothing had happened, he offers his sincere friendship. But who would then not mad? Thriller came out of it, too, so imagine all the tension leaving the last fifteen minutes, and the inevitable running around in dark corridors. The only thing, but perhaps the most weighty, that can be said in defense of the "trap" is that the picture is not intended to frighten or to intrigue at all. Here there is no suspense, no detective, but the atmosphere is literally swells resentment, despair and passion of unrequited love. Here is a little nudity, almost no sex scenes, but, oddly enough, a lot of erotica. Close-up of barely twitching fingers and beautifully crumpled sheets sometimes can decorate even the propane cinema.

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